13th-month pay for Filipinos will be released no later than Dec. 24

Emphasize the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) dedication to making sure Filipino workers get paid on time for the thirteenth month as the holidays draw near and the country gets ready for a happy celebration. This important reminder, which sets a deadline of December 24, 2023, in line with the holiday spirit of giving, reassures workers throughout the private sector. In addition, people can investigate a helpful loan option that will further simplify their holiday planning: the Cash Express loan.

Good news for Filipino employees

Filipino employees hold onto your excitement! The Department of Labor and Employment is bursting with excitement as it reminds employees that the 13th-month pay release is coming up. This monetary benefit, which is mandated by law and is based on Presidential Decree No. 851 and the Philippine Labor Code, is more than just a custom; it is a recognition of your laborious efforts.


Traditionally, the 13th-month pay has been announced around significant holidays and festivals. Workers look forward to the extra money to make their celebrations even more enjoyable. This financial custom is consistent with Philippine culture and holiday spirit.

Who will get the payment?

The 13th-month pay entitlement is exceptionally inclusive, guaranteeing that a wide range of Filipino workers take advantage of this financial benefit. The main eligibility requirement is simple: rank-and-file workers who have worked for thirty (30) calendar days or more are qualified for the 13th-month pay.

Moreover, employers are free to divide the payment rather than have it released in one lump sum. Accordingly, half of the pay for the thirteenth month may be distributed prior to the start of the regular school year, with the remaining amount due on or before December 24. 

Furthermore, this benefit is applicable to specific employee types, such as those on commission, fixed, or piece-rate schemes, such as the Philippine Agricultural Commercial and

 Industrial Workers Union (PACIWU-TUCP) case. Workers who have quit, been fired, or separated from their jobs are also eligible for a prorated 13th month’s salary. The 13th-month pay’s wide inclusivity highlights its importance as a benefit that is required of all Filipino workers.

The size of payments

Concerning the amount of pay they receive on the thirteenth month, many employees have questions. It’s easy to calculate: it’s equivalent to one-twelfth (1/12) of base pay for the entire calendar year for an employee. To put this in perspective, let’s take a look at the average salary in the Philippines. Based on recent data, the average monthly salary of an employee in Manila, Philippines is ₱65,000. This suggests that the 13th month’s pay can be a substantial amount for many workers, providing a much-needed financial boost around the holidays.

For example, taking into account the average additional cash compensation of ₱42,000, which varies from ₱11,250 to ₱63,500, the employee’s pay for the thirteenth month plays a noteworthy role in determining their total earnings at the end of the year.

13th-month pay for Christmas presents

Filipinos adore Christmas, which is observed with the beloved custom of exchanging gifts and joyous celebration. A Filipino citizen usually buys about ten gifts a year, spending about ₱8,000 on presents for friends and family. When 13th-month pay is received on time during the holidays, it becomes a priceless asset for people who want to make their Christmas celebrations more meaningful by giving thoughtful and abundant gifts.

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In conclusion, Filipino workers are given a financial option to enhance their holiday celebrations as the Department of Labor and Employment emphasizes the prompt release of the 13th-month pay. The 13th-month pay, which is based on labor laws, brings even more joy to the holiday season. Additionally,The Cash Express loan’s accessibility offers a degree of flexibility that enables people to make the most of this financial boost in order to enjoy a happy and memorable holiday season.