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April 03, 2004

Translation services

This weekend is the semi-annual LDS Church general conference in Utah. Besides all the controversy concerning easements and street preachers, here is an article about all the languages that the proceedings of the conference are translated into. I alwasy thought that the UN was the king of the hill when it came to translations, but the UN only uses seven languages (I would say English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese). The LDS Church translates the conference into 97 languages and if you want to get some idea of all the languages that are out there, check out the article. Arabic was added this year along with 7 others. If you ever want to know where the church has members, look at the languages. I knew that the church had translated the Book of Mormon into Arabic, but I don't know where the members are that speak that language unless they are ex-pats in another country. It also gives you some idea how people have travelled around the world and where they have ended up living. Who knew that there were Hindis living in Fiji? And I thought Swedes living in hot, dry, treeless, desert Utah was strange.

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