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April 03, 2004

Like father, like daughter?

Here's a news item that would be shocking for almost anyone else except this family. Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, Kelly, has been admitted into a drug rehabilitation facility. She joins Ozzy and his son Jack who have had to go to a detox clinic to get themselves off drugs. And people say that a parent's example doesn't have anything to do with their children's upbringing. The children in that family must be really feeling good right now after having their mother state that her only regret was that she didn't have any gay children and their father giving them such a stellar example on the dos and don'ts of drug abuse. But at least they all have something to share with each other and according to Barney, that's what families are all about. "I say, Jack, could you blanking pass me the blanking bong?" "Sure dad, just after I blanking snort this blanking line of blanking coke."

Posted by El-ahrairah at April 3, 2004 03:24 AM | TrackBack
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