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April 01, 2004

Better late than never

The Illinois Legislature has passed a resolution apologizing to the LDS Church for events which led to the martydom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and expulsion of the LDS Church from the state. For those not familiar with the history of the LDS Church, the church was founded in Palmyra, New York in 1830. From 1830 to when the pioneers arrived in Utah, the members of the church were driven from New York to Ohio to Missouri and finally to Illinois in an attempt to find a place to live and practice their religion. They built the city of Nauvoo on the banks of the Mississippi River which was the largest city in the state at the time. After the martydom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the members of the church were forced to leave the state and eventually started a westward trek thru Iowa to Utah where they arrived in July of 1847.

Both the Cap'n and I were raised with the stories of the early history of the church which we heard in church and from especially from our mother (she's a Daughter of the Utah Pioneers, a DUP, which makes us SUPs). In fact, all the interesting stuff (mobs burning houses to the ground, pioneers dying on the plains, polygamists, etc.) in out family tree comes from our mother's side of the family. Our father's side is pretty boring except for the occational drunkard and divorce (oops!). Anyway, for the LDS Church and Utah Mormons, this is a pretty big event.

Hold the phone. That was yesterday's news. Today's news has the legislature expressing "regrets" and not an "apology" since the sponsor didn't want to offend anyone by apologizing for the entire state. Oh well, I guess there are still factions of the state that are just hoping for the day when they can see all the Mormons in the state piling onto their mini-vans and heading west on I-80 towards the promised land, yet again.

Posted by El-ahrairah at April 1, 2004 06:26 AM | TrackBack
It was the end of my experience, and is the online pharmacy of my story. But the idea of entering the tomb never reflected my ortho tri-cyclen Posted by: acyclovir at April 3, 2004 12:17 PM
What? It looks like our comments got spammed. Posted by: El-ahrairah at April 4, 2004 09:30 AM
Indeed. But at least we're getting comments. Posted by: Captain Holly at April 4, 2004 02:19 PM
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