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March 31, 2004

I want my Gay TV?

Always one to not pass up a chance to make a quick buck, Viacom has decided to tap into the spending potential of the gay market and develop a gay TV channel. I can see it now. Programming will probably include Rock Hudson movie marathons, the Liberace Show and Will & Grace re-runs. There will public service announcements called "This Day in Gay History" and "Events in the Live of Famous Gays". The Mr. Gay America Pagent will be broadcast every year with George Michael and Sir Elton John as master of ceremonies and sporting events will include the Gay Games and Mr. Gay Universe. I doubt this channel will ever be seen in "oppressive" Utah.

Speaking of Rock Hudson, while channel surfing, I chanced upon a movie that he did with some other actress besides Doris Day. I didn't recognise the actress (maybe Natalie Wood?) but she was rather well-built and was running around the room in a red negligee. Ol' Rock was sitting in bed in his pyjamas (a really old film) and was trying to ignore her while she kept finding interesting and different ways to shove her boobs in his face. Back when the film came out, people must have thought that it was his acting ability that enabled him to look so completely and utterly bored, but now we know otherwise.

Posted by El-ahrairah at March 31, 2004 12:35 AM | TrackBack
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