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March 31, 2004

Trip musings

The Great El-ahrairah is back from another trip to the land of “pasta and pomodori” and as usual, the do-do hits the fan when I’m gone.

1. The Clarke “Tell-All” Book. The Cap’n already blogged about this and everyone else is starting to jump on the bandwagon. All I have to say is this: it’s election time and the Democrats will trot out whatever “former expert” they can to smear Bush and elect one of their own, so there will be more of the same showing up in the coming months.

2. The French Elections. It looks like “Black” Jacques Chirac’s party got severely spanked during the latest round of regional elections. Before anybody starts thinking that this is over his stand on Iraq, remember that the French overwhelmingly supported the French stance on Iraq to the point where the anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, anti-Jewish party Front National was even against the war in Iraq to score votes. Pepe Le-Chirac’s problem is the fact that the French Prime Minister, Raffarin, was trying to reform the bloated French social welfare system. Unfortunately for the French, they have hit the point where a people who line up at the guv-mint feeding trough outnumber those who don’t. Ergo, Chirac will probably have to sacrifice some ministers to placate the French electorate. For all those who are wondering, here is a quick overview of the French executive branch using English and American terms. The President (Chirac) is elected by the French population and serves a term of 5 years (used to be 7). His job is to represent France in the world. He really doesn’t have anything to do with running the country. The President chooses the Prime Minister according to the wishes of the ruling coalition in “parliament”. This can lead to the Prime Minister and President being from two different parties. The Prime Minister basically runs the country, which gives the President the ability to take credit when things go good and avoid the blame when things go bad. So, although Raffarin is from the same party as Chirac, Raffarin is getting the blame for the electorial fiasco.

3. Brown Nose Quote of the Week. Sharon Osborne, Ozzie’s “better half”, was applauded at the GLAAD awards when she said “My only regret in life is that none of my children are gay.” I wonder how that makes her children feel?

4. Daylight Savings Time. Europe went on Daylight Savings Time on Sunday and we weren’t aware of it until someone showed up at our doorstep to hitch a ride to church with us. Oops! I guess in Italy, they don’t go out of their way to remind you to turn your clocks forward.

5. Angel. Since my wife is a big “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan, it’s only natural that she would also be a big fan of the Buffy spin-off “Angel” since he reminds her of me, tall, dark, handsome and a vampire (OK, I’m not a vampire). Anyway, I bought her seasons 1 through 3 on DVD and I finally watched them all, more or less. She got me interested in this since although the story line is kind of hokey at times, I like it because it’s very “noir” (and for that same reason I always liked “StarTrek: Deep Space Nine” more than the other StarTreks). For all those out there who don’t know anything about this or don’t even care, Angel is a vampire with a soul. After he killed the daughter of a gypsy chieftain, they cursed him with a soul so he would have to live forever with the pain of his sins. So now, he walks the world, fighting for humanity against the evils of the world, yada, yada, yada, etc., etc., etc. What I like is how the story goes back in time and shows how he became a vampire and what he was like as a vampire before he got his soul. I also like watching the full season on DVD since you get to see the next episode immediately and don’t have wait until next week to see if Angel escapes certain “vampire” death (stake thru the heart) at the hands of that worldwide evil, the law firm of Wolfram and Hart. See, it’s more true to life that you might think.

6. John Kerry and Overseas Jobs. John Kerry is proposing new rules that would affect how US companies ship jobs overseas. It seems to me that this is all smoke and mirrors since it would greatly affect the Heinz Ketchup empire since they have so much of their operations overseas. I doubt that he would go thru with it, but as usual, Democrats will say and do anything to get elected.

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