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February 07, 2004

You just can't please anybody

Well, after all the yelling and screaming by the Democrats, President Bush has decided to appoint a bipartisan commission to examine the failure of the US intelligence apparatus to detect the "so-called" absence of Iraqi WMD. You would think this would make the Democrats in congress and currently running for office somewhat happy, but then again, you would be mistaken.

Since this is an election year, the Democrats will do anything that they can to embarrass the President and congressional hearings broadcast on C-SPAN are one thing that they want. Now that the President has stolen their thunder, they are madder than wet hens. As they put it, a commission of nine members selected by the Presdent cannot be independent whereas a commission selected by Congress is. I guess in the La-La land of the Democratic party, this makes perfect sense.

Personally, any commission is a waste of time and taxpayer money. We do not need a commission to exam any failures. The CIA and everyone else involved did exactly what they should have. As I have said before, it was completely normal to think that Saddam had WMD or was trying to obtain them since he acted like he did all along. It's call "deception" and that's what you do when you want to fool your enemy. It has been used over and over again by the US (Gen. Patton's imaginary army group to tie down the Germans in Calais during the Normandy invasion springs to mind) to win wars. Unfortunately, Saddam Hussein's use in Iraq could possibly go down as and example of what not to do. Acting like you have WMD isn't too smart when your adversary is sitting on your borders and is no mood to run away and hide. You would just be inviting a preemptive strike, which is essentially what happened in Iraq.

Will we ever find any WMD? In the big scheme of things, does anybody except the anally-rententive French and Democrats really care? The world is much safer now that Saddam Hussein is out of power. Iraq is no longer supporting terrorism around the world and you have other despots looking over their shoulders, wondering if they will be the next on the US Dictator Hit Parade. From their standpoint, the attacks on September 11 were a pretty stupid, since all it did was "awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Where this will all end, nobody knows, but I'm sure Saddam Hussein didn't think that two years later, both his sons would be pushing up daisies and he would be dressed like a homeless person, being given a dental exam on worldwide TV.

Posted by El-ahrairah at February 7, 2004 11:05 AM | TrackBack
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