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February 06, 2004

Life imitates art?

Too bad there wasn't a studio audience. Just like on the Jerry Springer show, an honor attendant's last-minute bombshell to a bride-to-be resulted in a fight in a parking lot and the police being called. The identities of the bride, groom and honor attendant are not given but, I'll bet the groom's name is Billy-Bob, the bride's name Lucille, their newlywed "love nest" is a trailer and they have tattoos up and down their arms. As for the wedding being cancelled, I highly doubt it. As soon as the groom gets out of the pokey, I'll bet he'll be marrying "Lucille" and they'll soon be appearing on an upcoming episode of Jerry Springer/Jenny Jones/Sally Jesse/etc. not long after that.

Speaking of trash TV, many Americans think that we are the only people on the plant that "indulge" in that type of mental masturbation. Au contraire, mon frere! There are a large number of the same kind of programs on German TV. The Germans can't seem to get enough of them to the point that, in addition to German talk-fests, they show the re-runs of American talk shows, dubbed in German. About the only difference is that the German shows seem to feature more weird German sexual fetish "bondage-and-disipline", transvestite stuff and less fighting, and anyway, what would you expect from the country that gave us Nazis, stormtroopers and Hilter? Flowers, pink tutus and Liberance?

Posted by El-ahrairah at February 6, 2004 02:27 AM | TrackBack
I read that one. If only there had been a TV camera recording it. Posted by: Captain Holly at February 6, 2004 02:22 PM
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