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January 26, 2004

Interesting Clark Speech

Just now on CNN, Wesley Clark was featured giving his stump speech. According to Clark, (forgive me if I have a word or two wrong here): "I've never been a politician. I've never trade my vote to anyone for anything. I've never made a deal for votes."

That can be neatly paraphrased to this statement:

I've never acquired the skills essential to getting things done in Washington.

That's a pretty interesting argument, for a guy whose lack of political experience might otherwise be an issue. It's like a novice doctor arguing that he's better in the OR than an experienced surgeon, because, after all, the novice has never made a mistake that has killed a patient.

Posted by Blackavar at January 26, 2004 05:14 PM | TrackBack
That doesn't mean that he hasn't done his fair share of boot-licking and brown-noseing. Whenever I think of Clark, the image of Niedermayer from Animal House springs to mind. I wonder why? Posted by: El-arhairah at January 27, 2004 01:14 AM
Gotta tell you, I only ever knew two kinds of general when I was in - crazy ass martinets, and "men of the people." The men of the people would chat with privates and sergeants in the field about whether they had dry feet, were getting at least one hot per day, whether they thought their training was up to snuff and how it could be improved; and they'd ask that biggest of questions, the open ended one: "anything else bugging you?" The crazy martinets would consort solely with officers above the rank of major; talk to sergeants or privates only to administer an ass-reaming over some chickenshit flaw (like a cigarette butt on the parade ground, or hat tilted a little wrong) and would personally go out of their way to humiliate and terrorize everybody in their path. The funny thing was, personality has little to do with talent. If you look at historical generals, Meade, Haig, MacArthur and Patton were crazy assed martinets. Grant, "Black Jack" Pershing, Bradley, and Holland Smith were men who cared deeply about their men and did not mind letting it show. Two names come to mind here, with respect to the generals I've known: Clark, Shalikashvili. Draw your own conclusions. Posted by: Blackavar at January 27, 2004 07:00 AM
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