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January 03, 2004

Prodi Upset About Saddam Removal

Romano Prodi, the Italian politician who currently holds the rotating European Union presidency, notes wistfully,

If Europe had been present and united, I believe, we would not have seen the war on Iraq,. . . Then we would have managed to find a solution to preserve the peace.

To which any civilize person can make only one response:


Thatís how many Iraqis would have been killed by Saddamís henchmen between March and December 31, 2003, had Saddamís assembly line of death met its quotas for an average year.

Thatís a hell of a kind of peace, huh? I think it's one that was really worth preserving. After all, the kind of instability that can result from toppling a dictator is... well, it's the enemy of civilization as it's conceived of in the EU.

For that matter, it's horrible, simply horrible, what that horrible, horribly simple George Bush has done in Libya. Libya's renunciation of nuclear and bio weapons programs is bound to further destabilize the region. If only the Tony Blair and Silvio Berlusconi hadn't backstabbed the Europeans by taking a vow of silence during the negotiations - then the Europeans could have stuck together on this and preserved the status quo ante.

Okay, dropping the sarcastic schtick, in that little snippet above, Prodi demonstrates that heís not only an idiot who has fetishized dimplomatic process over long-term peaceful substance, but that heís also a moral midget. But then, if you ask the left in this country, Prodi and his colleagues are our betters, the mental and moral giants we should be emulating. Go figure.

Posted by Blackavar at January 3, 2004 12:39 PM | TrackBack
Prodi is at best a socialist and at worse a commie. He has to come out against prime minister Berlusconi and the war in Iraq since he is widely seen in Italy as leading the opposition "in exile" and is readying himself for a comeback in Italian politics after his term finishes this October. In fact, he has been critized as of late for paying too much attention to the problems in Italy and not enough to the problems of Europe. Posted by: El-ahrairah at January 3, 2004 01:30 PM
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