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December 23, 2003

Full Military Honors for Dean's antiwar brother?

Could someone please explain to me the reason why Howard Dean isn't Karl Roves' dream candidate?

Via Instapundit (you all know how to get there, so I won't link it anymore -- CH) we find out that Howard Dean's brother was 1) not a member of the US military, and 2) given full military honors, anyway. Not only that, the articles give some support to the contention that the Dean campaign wanted people to think that he was.

I, for one, fell for it. I assumed that Charlie Dean was the more sensible, responsible of the Dean brothers, who did his duty to his country instead of faking a back injury and spending the war skiing at Vail. Now to my surprise and outrage I find that he was really a McGovern toadie who opposed the war and went to Laos as a tourist to "see" it firsthand (not only was he a lefty peacenik, he was a stupid lefty peacenik).

If the Democrats think that this will play well with pro-military voters, especially those in the South, they're more delusional than even I imagined. Just contrast the image of George Bush at Thanksgiving with that of Howard Dean trying to parse words about the military status of his brother. I think it's pretty clear which will win the hearts and minds of patriotic Americans.

What other Christmas gifts are yet to be bestowed on the Bush Administration?

Posted by Captain Holly at December 23, 2003 03:03 PM | TrackBack
From what I heard before about this, the military believed that the remains were Howard the Duck's brother, but were not exactly sure, so to make sure that they weren't denying a true american military member the proper respect, the was given full military honors when it was returned to the USA. Of course, after finding out if in fact the body was that of his loony lefty brother, they should dump the body in the nearest landfill. Posted by: digrafid at December 24, 2003 01:20 AM
VERY shameful, unbelievably arrogant and undeniably selfish! An American-born humanoid goes into the war-zone TO FIND 'PROOF' that America is wrong, bad and acting illegally against his heroes, the VietCong, and then those very VietCong catch him and bluntly, summarily end his life... ...and GIs today are forced to show him HONORS? As if he were morally equivalent to someone who had shown America love and respect? DIS-gusting! Execrable! For Shame, Dean! Posted by: Eye Opener at December 26, 2003 11:59 PM
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