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December 21, 2003

Someone was paying attention to the news

In what could be the strongest evidence that he doesn't read The Guardian or listen to the BBC, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi has decided to scrap his WMD programs and cooperate with the UN inspectors.

There have been US sanctions in place against Libya, but apparently the last straw for Qaddafi was seeing his buddy Saddam pulled from a hole in the ground, looking suspiciously like the poorest rummy in Tripoli. Muammar didn't want to wait and see if he was next on the list.

And why not? The US has already come within a camel's whisker of killing him before; his armed forces are not nearly as large as Saddam's; and it would not be nearly as difficult for us to invade Libya as it was Iraq. Since almost all of the populated areas of the country are spread out along the Mediterranean, the US Navy and Marines could pick and choose beachheads to land on. Even more frightening for Qaddafi was the fact that we wouldn't need any direct help from our allies, so he wouldn't be able to rely on the French (in fact, we did without their help in 1986).

This is another victory for America and the architects of the get-tough policy, the Bush Administration. Saddam's fall, and then his capture, have sobered alot of anti-American strongmen throughout the world. From Chirac to Assad to Qaddafi, they are wondering if they are next on the list.

For the Democrats, well, let's just keep them away from the sharp objects. And things can get worse for them. When a political party bases its entire platform on the premise that things are going to hell, they are left with no backup plan when everything comes up roses. And besides, who is going to vote for someone who can't sincerely enjoy America's victories?

There is an old saying: It's better to be respected than to be loved. It doesn't mean that one can't be respected and loved, or that love won't eventually produce some measure of respect. But when you're dealing with persons (or countries) that already hate your guts, you'd better make sure they respect your strength.

Posted by Captain Holly at December 21, 2003 10:29 AM | TrackBack
I was somewhat suprised at that also. I guess if he want's to come clean and join the international community and play nice, then let him. However, I wonder if there also isn't some other reason beside the fact that we are in Iraq. He has been quiet all this time and of course, there are always bigger fish to fry in the world, so why would he start playing nice. It just seems kind of strange to me. Posted by: digrafid at December 22, 2003 03:36 AM
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