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November 12, 2003

The Wheels are coming off the Kerrymobile

Senator John Kerry, who some have so appropriately called the "French Candidate", is starting to act in a way that makes Wesley Clark look grounded.

First, there is this report from Drudge of a bizarre assertion by Kerry that he out-polled Hillary Clinton among Democrats. When the reporters did the math, it is actually Kerry who gets clobbered by Hillary.

Item two is a story about the increasing discord in his campaign. Thanks to the left-liberal bent of the People's Republik of Massachusetts, Kerry has probably never had to actually campaign in a tight race before. The disorganization makes this obvious.

The third is his painful attempt to be hip on the Tonight Show, to the point of riding a Harley on stage (making even Kerry haters like myself wince). This, folks, is Mega-Poser material. You can't get more condescendingly insincere than this. This is in league with Hillary's supposed love of the Chicago Cubs/New York Yankees. It's a transparent effort to show that hey, despite his wife's millions and his long years in Washington, John's just a everyday Joe.

I take special delight in the Senator's misfortune, if for the only reason because he so richly deserves it. Kerry is the hyper-ambitious, back-stabbing prick that we all knew in high school; you know, the one that ran for every studentbody office and planned every activity, yet tried to "hang out" with the cool "rebels" that smoked pot behind the school (Greg Marmalarde of Animal House comes to mind). The man drips insincerity; exudes pretension; embodies naked, unprincipled ambition. His Viet Nam service (to which frequently alludes with all the subtlety of a mine blast) is his only redeeming value, and that occurred over 30 years ago.

I'm glad to see him lose. I only wish it could be to George Bush. In a historic landslide.

Posted by Captain Holly at November 12, 2003 07:23 PM | TrackBack
Good Morning: I notice that when John Kerry's name is mentioned, only the purple hearts are talked about. I recall, as a former Viet Nam (Marine) Vet, that Kerry got a bronze star for shooting a Viet Cong prisoner who was trying to escape. I also understood that the prisoner was hand cuffed at the time and he lunged toward Kerry, who then shot him. I also remember that Kerry was instrumental in requesting the bronze star for himself and that he arranged for his fellow (3 or 4) "buddies" to be transferred out of harms way as a favor for helping him get the bronze star. The other occasion involved his decision to have a swift boat enter an area that was restriced. He and other were told not to go in this live fire area, as a result he received three minor injuries (he recovered in two days) and again the other crewmen on the swiftboat were transferred out of harms way in exchange for keeping quiet and building the Kerry Myth. Where are the written details and documents of the actual events ? Posted by: Matt at December 15, 2003 09:33 AM
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