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August 01, 2003

California Schemin'

Drat, we've been found out.

Terry McAuliffe and the NAACP have revealed the Republicans' deep dark secret... the Republicans hate minorities so much, that they've scheduled a gubernertorial recall election in California just so that they can have another crack at disenfranchising Blacks and Hispanics. Yup, we don't have enough chances to systematically deny civil rights to Blacks and Hispanics, so we had to schedule a special election just to indulge in our guilty pleasure.

Hell, what can I say... racial oppression to Republicans is clearly like Hagen Dasz to a pregnant woman... they just can't get enough.


To McAuliffe, who chairs the Democratic National Committee, it's all about Florida 2000, which was nothing but a three month effort to disenfranchise Blacks and Hispanics.

Well, at least that's how it is if you take him seriously. I personally believe that he just says this to scare the bejeezus out of uninformed minorities, to scare them into voting Dem... but then I'm cynical.

But isn't this "it's all about Florida" rhetoric getting just a bit tiresome?

First of all, Florida is a colossally messed up state, and bad things happen there just because it has the Frankenpolity. It's half Cuban, half Black, half retired New Yorkers, and half Bud-swilling rednecks. It's got Democratic election commissioners who are too dumb to steal an election fair and square, Jewish people who vote for a Nazi apologist, and a state supreme court that isn't smart enough to know that you can't flip the bird at the big Supreme Court. That this state functions at all is a tribute to our political and economic system, and to American energy and determination.

Second, this "all about Florida" refrain is starting to sound like Jesse Jackson's "this is just like Selma" refrain.

Rodney King reminds me of Selma...; the fact only 10% of our congressmen are Black reminds me of Selma...; this oatmeal is too cold, which reminds me of Selma; I have a slight hangnail... this is just like Selma.

Third, and thankfully finally: shut the fuck up, Terry and the NAACP!

Last time around, Terry and Kweisi Mfume told us that Bush was involved in lynching James Byrd, the man who was dragged to death in Texas by three White supremacists.

I didn't hear them bitching about Bush's cursory clemency process then, when he chuckled, "we're killing 'em. What else do you want us to do?"

I distinctly recall NAACP footsoldiers in the Washington area handing out literature stating that the 13th Amendment would be repealed if Bush was elected.

And more of the footsoldiers were regular riders on my metro line, walking up and down the aisles of the subway cars shouting about politics, trying to intimidate people into voting Dem -- as if Bethesda and Silver Spring weren't already monolithically lefty.

So Terry should spare us the cheap grace. This allegation is just another political cheap shot, a cynical invocation of rote insults that can be counted on to rally the Dem faithful, and further demonize Republicans.

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