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July 29, 2003

More Than One Way...

The Edinburgh Exhibition has decided that it won't exhibit a display featuring dead, skinned children.

According to the Ananova article (linked from Drudge, of course) the "pickled punks" (as such displays used to be called) might offend some people. Therefore they won't be shown to the delicate Scottish public.

The article doesn't mention any public outcry, but indicates that the show's proprietor, one German (of course) Professor von Hagens, isn't thrilled. Von Hagens' prior "art works" include vertical and horizontal cross sections of the human body, with corpses cut into inch thick steaks and preserved in Lucite.

One might conclude that the Scots have become rather more genteel since the days they stripped near-naked, painted their faces blue, mooned the British, and then ran forward screaming, to bludgeon the Limeys to death using heavy clubs festooned with sharpened spikes.

It's worth noting that if some gallery attempted to back out of a show in this manner in the United States, the ACLU would be picketing the heck out of the Exhibition. Gloria Alred would be in a panting rage, and Harvard Law Prof Larry Tribe would be bombarding Professor von Hagens with solicitation letters.

Oh yeah, and Geraldo would be offering to skin some children himself. Live. On Fox.

Posted by Blackavar at July 29, 2003 11:29 AM | TrackBack
Mooned the English; a minor distinction to most Americans, but an important one to the Scots, the race with the biggest inferiority complex imaginable. The British as an entity are composed of the Scots, the English and the Welsh. For what it's worth, I think that the Edinburgh City council were just scared of offending the most vocal sub 1% of the population. I'd go and see it. I can't think of anyone I know in Scotland who'd avoid it Posted by: oxmoronic scotsman at July 30, 2003 12:08 AM
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