It's Clinton's Fault
Manpower crisis? What manpower crisis?
Careful What You Wish For, Part III
What constitutes "sincere" criticism?
Excuse me, Sir, but would you please shut yer trap?
HIV is good for at least one thing
What else is new?
Another French Invasion
The Right Wing Atrios
Help! Brigitte Bardot! Save us!
Osama knows what the Europeans want
More on the proxy baptism controversy
Tax Day 2004
The scourge of Wal-Mart
Tough Kid!
Letting the chips fall where they may
Fear This!
More Kindness from the Peaceful Left
How 'bout that Dick Clarke now?
People say the darndest things
Yet more religious controversy
Airheads on tour
Quick, what's wrong with this picture?
Viet Nam it most certainly is not
If not a home run, at least a triple
Liberal values
Another biblical plague
Careful what you wish for, Part II
Now we know whose side he was on
The end of "me so horny"
Putting your money where their mouth is
When stuffed animals go bad
Translation services
Like father, like daughter?
Don't be eating anything while you read this
As a man thinketh, so is he
I am shocked, shocked!
FDR knew about Pearl Harbor!
You reap what you sow
Time to "do the Spanish two-step"?
Chalk up another one for BYU
Better late than never
A MOAB would do nicely right about now
Rot in Hell, Doughboy
I want my Gay TV?
Trip musings
Don't throw me in that thar briar patch!!
The Clarke Lovefest continues...
Actions speak louder than words
Sold his soul to a Massachusetts a##hole
Yassin' in.
The Cap'n better start pumping out more bunnies
Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated
John Kerry's housing market
Back to more important things
Who really is shipping jobs overseas?
Civil right are everywhere
Liberals need not apply
Thank you gay lobby
Putting your money where your mouth is
Terrorists 1, Spain 0
Kerry gets called to the carpet.
A WWII Road Trip
For all those who think Saddam was such a nice fellow
Back from oblivion
America vs. The World
Notes from the "frozen circle"
Men of the People?
Beware of false teachings....
If you can't win fair......
Bent-over by admin
Now comes the fun part
No more rubber monster suits
Oops! Busted!
Yeah! Forza Italia!
News you won't read at
Justice has been served
Someone read his polls
The terrorists know a easy mark.
The "nuke" genie is out of the bottle
T-shirts don't kill people....
Looks like the Secret Deal failed
Gay marriage, again
Where's the PETA nazis when you need them
Quagmire alert!
Let's throw gasoline on the fire
Back from a road trip
Secret Deal update
And now for something completely different...
Well, I guess we should give up now
It was only a matter of time
Depends on your point of view
A proud day for Utah
A world of fecal material
Paranoia from the right
The Backlash is Building
Utah, The Volunteer State
A big victory?
Rats! The @#$% condom busted!
The Culture War has begun
Bring it on, Andrew, bring it on!
Some people need to get a life
60 Second Update
Wow! I'm a real techie dweeb!
Dear John Letter
Tin-Hat Dennis is coming.
A big sucking sound
Important perspective on recent polls
A glimpse of the future
Why keep the traditional family?
Traditional families ARE better
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Property Rights.
Thanks, I'm super!
The Kerry flood is rapidly subsiding
Try and stop a freight train
Secret Agent Stuff
I'm back from vacation
Wow, that was fast!
The Biter gets bit
Buyer's Remorse
That Controversial 13th Amendment
Blogging hiatus
Black/White Genocide?
Random Thoughts
Osama Supports Democrats??
Free Speech in Iraq
Revenge of the Nerds?
Why the remaining Dems irk me...
You just can't please anybody
Running headlong through the minefield
Happy Birthday to the Gipper
Life imitates art?
This is antisemitism?
Time to book my vacation to Florida
Daddy, what's a gigolo?
Psss! Hey buddy. Looking for a hot stock tip?
President-Elect John Kerry
Yet Another Primary
Hey cool website
My Super Bowl Prediciton
Religion Equals Genocide
Howard Dean Meets the Press
The Tin-Horn Dictator with the Tin-Foil Hat
The secret behind the new body armor
I-Wack Deployment Preparation Secrets
El-ahrairah and the Gendarme
The Big(?) Game
Grover Norquist fer Sale...
Um, Bad Idea for Resume Builder
Publik Skool Stoopidity Marches On
Utahn's come home
So, my prediction's stink
Al Franken, Thug
Peter Singer, Ethicist
Another one goes to jail
May Alter Holocaust History?
I have finished my reading assignment
The Great El-ahrairah New Hampshire Predictions
Interesting Clark Speech
Yeah! Religion wins one!
What were we thinking?
News Item: News Commentators Biased
Life, liberty and the pursuit of color TV
Top 10 wars
Iraq for the long run
Teen-Age Hormones a-Raging
Boy, that's a relief!
Amazon came thru
Ready, Aim (at your foot), Fire!!
Hypocrisy in action
Whose "human-rights"?
The Great El-ahrairah was right!!
Can you say "useful idiots"?
The Great El-ahrairah Predictions for Iowa
Cheerleaders serve their country???
Interesting Resume Builder
At least it's not Iraq
Blogging Hiatus Will Continue
Coppa mondiale di intimi?
Sex and Titilation
The lessons of history
Hallelujah!!!! My mentor has spoken!!!
So have you stopped beating your wife?
Two wives to drive me crazy!
The Aussies have found a pair
New TV Show: Stork Watch
We are losing the war????
What d'ya think about cougar hunting now?
Eat le merde cheese-eating, surrender monkeys!
He shoots from the lip, er, hip
The Great Professor has been duped
Double Standard, anyone?
Blame Canada!!!
Please put me out of my misery......
Keeping the Best and Brightest
So my brother thinks he's El-ahrairah
Hanging's not good enough!
Non-Custodial Parents
Prodi Upset About Saddam Removal
Have You Red the Times Lately?
"most" US Iraq Deaths are Reservists
Hello to the Warren
More good news from Iraq
Tell me again, what good is the UN?
The Big Snow
Merry Christmas to all!
A word about Mad Cow Disease
Full Military Honors for Dean's antiwar brother?
Because I'm Smarter Than You, That's Why
Someone was paying attention to the news
This is why I refuse to fly
More on the religious divide in America
LOTR Review
But Cuba has free health care...
Okay, so I'm a geek
What did you say about tinfoil hats?
Saddam must die
Can't they find a better way to celebrate?
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life...
Just whose Bible is he reading?
"We got him"
They aren't anti-war...
Teen Idol, Howie Dean
It's all about the Legacy
Moor Publik Skool Eksellence
It must run in the family...
I detect a trend here...
Turkey lurking...
No, really, take that, Bigwig.
1700 Desertions? Pah. Wussies.
Only 1700 desertions? That's nothing!
He still doesn't "get it"
Iraq Victory Watch
Remember, you read it here first.

Paris, Texas
Some people never learn
What a MAN!!
I'm Confused
More Newzbites...
Apocalypse Watch
Some nifty stuff
Attacks down in Iraq
I Dream of Deanie
They're finished
Turkish quagmire
The Perfect Storm
Where we like our beer ice cold...
Careful what you wish for...
Pash tha Knob Crick, Junior...
Real American Heee-ros.
A Bad Solution Looking for a Problem
The Lacto-Activists are Coming!
My, what functional mammary glands you have, my dear
What a great idea (NOT!)
Speaking of irritating people...
The Wheels are coming off the Kerrymobile
Larry Flynt, Moral Paragon

Are you sure this isn't a Scrappleface post?
Al Qaeda has very poor manners.
Why did this even happen?
May I bring my Cat o' Ninetails to class, Master?
Now that's what I call a barbeque!
I smell media bias!
It's not easy being a gun geek
Is this the best they can do?
Howard Dean runs afoul of the PC police
Hey, Tobacco's not so bad, after all
Important Update in the War on Terror
Daydreaming for Dean
Michael Shiavo, Disgusting Human Turd
Ambassador Pitt?
Lunacy: Not Just for Breakfast Any More...
Is That a Rocket? Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
The Jensen Case is Finally Over
It's the Demographics, Stupid
Headlines, Schmeadlines.
West Desert Report
Bambi Beware
Good News is Bad News
A Lott More on Guns
Indigenous People's Day: Now with less venom!
Ode to Christopher Columbus
More Ah-Nuld Hysteria
Many happy returns...
Trouble in The Peaceable Kingdom
What should Gov. Schwarzenegger do?
Ahnuld is Governor
Report from Baghdad
Clayton does it again
The Unthinkable Mollie McDonald
Watch what we do, not what we say
Captain Holly's Prodigious Prescience
More on Lott
No Jail for Parker Jensen
Big Brother, MD
Did we say cancer? We meant canker. Yes, that's it.
More re: The Tide Turns?
The Tide Turns on Iraq...
Right then, skippy...
An Arab Superpower?
Dropping by and saying Hi
Beer Review: Weihenstephaner Korbinian
Tasteful Name... Less Filling
Beer Review: Weihenstephaner Original Lager
Another Girl I Love
Girls I Love...
Bettah zen sex...
Salvaging some honor...
The Man in Black
Proud to be an, etc...
Geek, Moi?
Too cool for words.
That Commerce Clause isn't dead... e's just dormant. And strippers.
Scotty McS & Blogfriends
Ah-nuld a racist? Maybe...
Fecal Matter in Your Ears? Not Surprising.
We just want what's best for the child
Captain off deck
Ah-Nuld Da Racist
You Numbah One G.I.
Friggin' Weasels
Internal Memo
Von Munchausen Syndrome for Hospitals
Turnabout, the Better Part of Fair Play
Seeing the light, but then covering their eyes
Captain Holly, pundit extraordinaire
Canine Cosmology
Blackavar AWOL Explained
Why take a handbasket to hell? Ride the bus, instead.
The Numbers are Concealed
The Madness of King George...
No Sex in the City...
Islam means peace. No. Really, really really.
How are they doing it?
Armed People are Safer People
Media Bias? What Media Bias?
Dr. Demento...
Favorite Asian Newscasters
Portrait of the Activist as a Young Man
UN Believable
We're in the Mainstream. The Mainstream, I Tell You
Oy, Sharon-a
Islam Means Peace
But the Arab Street is Against it...
The Actions of a Tiger?
Paging Mr. Du Toit, Pinko Courtesy Phone
Pretty Fly, For a White Thigh...
News from Fraghdad
Zero Tolerance, IDF-Style
Hamas: Bush Islam's Enemy
War foes were right...
The Alpha-Bet
Diamonds Aren't Forever...
More Lileks
Oscar Wilde Day at the Warren
Check the Tabard Inn
The French Holocaust
I'm Gruntled Now...
You think you're bad?
Political Raid
Spam, glorious spam, spam spam spam
Well, now that you mention it...
A gun in the hand is worth...
A whole lotta Lott
My What a Crinkly Shiny Hat You Have...
When the Going Gets Tough...
Let's Rock n' Roll (sorta)
Speaking of Lies, and the Lying Liars who Lie Them...
Chasing Mr. Lott
Bring it on, he said grimly.
Eine Kleine Morgen Musik
Shotgun Wedding
Diary of a Madman
Mary Jane, She is My Girl...
Straight Eye for the Queer Guy
Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket?
America, Home of the Red, White, White, White and White?
California Schemin'
Sunlight Hits Dog's Butt; Diamond Found in Goat's Ringpiece...
They Smell Like Cabbage...
And now, heeere's gun #1
What a Hero Looks Like
He who smelt it...
Let the Arguments Begin
Crime Rates, US & Elsewhere
Bribery. Saudis. Spies. U.K.
Bigwig's Relationship Mentor
Top This One
Bush ate Barbecue, Redux
They Got Ridda One
The Masons Ain't Nothing Compared to Us
Boycott us. Please.
Taking Tally, Down the Ally...
Happy Birthday to an American Hero
Oil and Water
Green Party Candidate for CA Gov
Sunrise, Sunset
Not Dr. Spock
I do not like you, Sam I am...
This is worth a click.
Fair Warning for Fat Peddlers?
But He Treats Blacks Just Like Whites...
Bush Eats Barbecue While the Soldiers Starve
Dumber & Dumberer
Spam, Glorious Spam
This is maddening...
Icons & ChiComs
And While I'm Taking Silly Quizzes...
Daddy Starbucks
Which Sci-Fi/Fantasy Character R U?
Deja Vu all over again
Mike, the Moderate
Life Imitates Fart
Just Like Watergate
Creepy Actors
They Might Be Giants...
Steal This Blog
Catholics, Slaves, and Andy Sullivan
Democrats in the News
My Big * Beef
Spreading Charley Rangel Rot
No Kobe, None of the Time
Thanks Mona...
Rachel Corrie
Treacher-y: Greatest Nits
Bush Lied...
The Queasy Limits of the 1st Amendment
Charles Lindbergh: Worthless Jew Hating Scum?
He's Baaack!!
Ahnuld, the Running Man
You think I'm conservative?
Islam Means Peace. Peace, I tell you.
Lileks on Acid
Political Roundup...
Southern Politics Analysis
Arianna is In...
7 U.S. Marines Deploy to Liberia
Strippin' for Christ...
Back to the Motherland?
Ultra Conservatives...
Racist Vermont?
Dr. Livingston, I Presume?
Howard's End
Jine Up Today!
Tragedy of the Commons?
Last of the Inside Baseball
Human Rights Leader, Libya...
Lileks of the Valley
Monolithic Conservatives?
Big "D" Democracy
Lawyer Culture Inside Baseball
Well Pilgrim...
Damn Yankees!
Republican Party Animals
California Schemin'
Ann Coulter's Living
Bush is soooo not gay...
Tell me what you really think...
But at least they have free medicine...
Thinking Inside the Box
On Knowin' When to Fold 'em
Undersecretary of Defense C. Montgomery Burns...
Hole-y Men
So Much for Jeff Gordon...
More Than One Way...
If I Can Make it There...