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February 18, 2004

FDS Fishing Contest

Here's a idea. I thought this would add a little more to our trip. I propose that we start an optional "pool" for all those who would like to participate and run a FDS tournament for the week. Here's the details: Everyone (who wants to) can put up an entry fee ($20 for the week) and be entered to win. Have a few categories such as: 1st citation drum, biggest black drum, most rays caught, etc. Winners would then get prize $ based on # of categories. If say 10 of us entered, we have $200 to give out as prize(s). If we had 2 categories and you win one you basically pay for most of the trip. Just something to keep things interesting and promote more fishing time on the beach. Hell, I'd rather do this than lose my money playing poker at the house. Of course, we can still do that as well.

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February 12, 2004

Got a letter in the mail from the realty today, so the trip is officially on. The only sticky point I see so far is Tuesday night, where we will likely have a shortage of beds due to the overlap between first half of the week people and second half of the week people. The realty does rent roll-away beds, so we can alleviate the shortage somewhat, but there might be people on the floor that night.

Of course, if many more people decide to come, we'll have enough money for another house.

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February 11, 2004

A new way to catch specks--catch the ones dropped by the pelicans.

As for being in the right place at the right time, last week at Hatteras Inlet the dolphins were running the speckled trout in close to the beaches, and the pelicans were diving on them, but when they tried to carry them over to the beach to swallow them they were dropping some of them as they were too big to hold onto, and a few lucky folks just picked them up and put them in their coolers. One angler picked up nine speckled trout.

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What the Hell? There are Red Drum in Kerr Lake?

''The first big drum came from the end of Mill Creek, way on down near the North Carolina and Virginia state line,'' Riggs told wildlife officials. ''The second one I caught up around Henderson Point. It seems like Kerr is really doing good, and for the last three or four years, the fishing has been getting better and better.''

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Record Striper caught in NC, though the record counts for Virgina, by a chick.

The catch bore out predictions from many saltwater fishing experts that a new striper record was inevitable. A couple of booming spawning years in the early 1980s put a lot of stripers into the Atlantic system, and experts have said those record fish are reaching record size - it was just a matter of a fisherman finally hooking into one.

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February 03, 2004

It's just a matter of time until the day comes when we can go trolling for Sperm Whales.

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