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October 27, 2003

Winged Horses

OK, so this hasn't got anything to do with the fishing trip exactly, but I know some of you were wondering what the deal was with the winged horse statues that we saw dotted about the island.

the answer can be found here.

Personally, I think they're an eyesore, but hey, I never claimed to be a patron of the arts.

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October 23, 2003

Next Years Estimated Costs

Ok, total charges for the house this year were in the neighborhood of $1600. Assuming that the rental price increases next year by $150 to $200, which it did this year over the 2002 price, then the cost next year should be about $1800.

Divided by 12 (the number of bed spaces, plus the couch), an equation I have to use due to the possibility that each person who pays will decide to stay a week, that leaves the cost of next years trip as $150 per person.

However, since the blog allows for better communication among the group, if you are planning on coming for half a week, and if you can find a person to pair up with that is coming for the opposite half of the week, then the cost for each of you will only be $80, but only if you both send me the money at the same time. "I'm paying you now and so and so will pay you later" ain't going to swing it.

It's $80 rather than $75 since so many of you pay via Paypal, which always takes a cut, not to mention that I like to have a cushion in case of the unexpected.

Or.... I could keep the deal similar to what it is now, which is the $100 flat fee per person, regardless of the amount of time you are planning on spending. The only way that would work is if everyone paid within a month of me booking the house, with the knowledge that we may have to return to the money well if the house is not totally covered by the end of August.

Also, something to think about given the increasing popularity of the trip, we may have to look at booking a second house this year. Keep that in mind when issuing invitations.

I'll have firmer numbers once the 2004 rental catalog is out. I'll be booking the house come January.

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October 22, 2003

Notes for Next Year

The really good beach alcohols, at least as far as I was concerned.

The Mash Houses' Ravishing Red.

The Duchesse de Bourgogne. Must remember to buy extra for Cliff and Colin next year.

The Strongbow

The really good house alcohols -- The big Avery beers, Salvation, The Reverend, and Hog Heaven, and the Three Witches.

The really bad alcohols The Romulan Ale, and the Budweiser. Who the hell brought all the Bud and then didn't drink a single can of it?

Things I brought and did not need -- Jeans, rugby shirt, anything after the third change of clothes, cans of tuna fish, more than a pair of footie socks.

Things I did not have and needed -- Neoprene Waders, a bigger tackle box.

Things I learned -- There is no such thing as too many pre-made drum rigs. Two rods with bait on are enough for any man. Sour Cream and Onion Pringles go really well with Easy Cheese. The little red bait well sand spikes make nice tables, but they suck at holding big rods.

Things I need to do before next year, actually, before the Emerald Isle X-mas vacation -- Reline the two eldest spinning reels with new mono.

Things I now have many more of -- Polyurethane pipe rod holders. Anyone missing some?

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Junkyard of The Atlantic

N&O has an article on all the pre-1972 fishing vehicles that were abandoned on Cape Lookout, now uncovered by Isabel.

However, the old Buicks and Chevys weren't nearly the oldest things recovered.

Finally, one down, two to go.

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Don't Pop That Zit

This souonds a lot like the crap that was passed around on the communal camp soap bars a few years back.

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Sayings for Next Year's T-Shirt

I nominate "Grab the Leader" and "Foxxxxxx!", neither of which will make sense to the half week attendees, depending on which half it was.

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Another Fish Pic

Kinda slow coming in here, people. I'm assuming you all remember what the house looks like, and what the views were, so I'm not going to post those.

You can see a picture of Chris Brown's Drum, though, here.

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October 20, 2003

My Drum

Pretty damn tired looking. Email me what you got, and I'll put some up. Going to need more storages space, soon though, so no idea how long they'll be up for.

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2004 target dates

October 16th - 23rd

Feel free to start bitching about anniversaries and birthdays.

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Hey, gang. Hope everyone made it home okay. I am avoiding the long list of emails for a little while longer. I wanted to encourage everyone with photos to post them to the site whenever possible. I assume the proper procedure would be to send them to BigWig and have him post.

On another note, I assume we'll want to schedule the house asap for next year. Think about that $100.00 deposit money. :)

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October 19, 2003

Dude... Where's my pillow?

Did anyone end up with a rather heavy pillow in a red pillow case instead of the one they brought to the island? I put mine in a black garbage bag to keep it from getting dirty in the back of my truck on the way home. I just opened the bag and have a pillow w/ a white pillow case. If anyone has mine, I'd like to swap.

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October 18, 2003

I'm back...

The rumors of me getting stranded on the island are vicious lies! :) I got home about 3:30PM. "How?" you ask. Funny thing... I'm slowly wandering around the island this morning, taking my sweet time... why not, I had 12 hours to kill. Then I went down to the ferry docks to see who was still around and low and behold, here comes John T. saying "are you in line? they've got room for a couple more on the 9:30 ferry." I look, it's 9:27AM. 3 minutes later, I'm heading out to sea. Reservations... bah! :)

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October 17, 2003


And just like that it is over. There was such a build up to the trip and suddenly, "BAM!," it is done. Oh well, maybe next year I can stay longer. Enjoyed it guys. Only 51 more weeks and counting until we are there again.

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October 11, 2003

And We're Off...

See you guys on the beach. I'm out as soon as the car is packed. Tight lines!

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October 10, 2003

Almost there...

This time tomorrow and most of us should be on some sand at Ocracoke. Hope everyone takes it easy on the way down. Don't rush things and watch out for the "man". Be safe and we'll get the party officially kicked off once everyone get's in Saturday night. If any of the early arrivals get over on the beach and the fish are running, come back, get me, restock w/supplies and we'll head back out if anybody's up for some night fishing. I'LL SEE YOU ALL AROUND 4:30 AT THE HOUSE!!!!

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The Parson's on Board

Just got Ferry reservations for the Preacher. He'll be on the 4:00 p.m. from Cedar Island on Wednesday the 15th unless something comes up. He is worried about one of his congregation members and may have to perform a funeral. Barring that, we'll have someone to bless our beer and fishes on Wednesday night. Mom says that we aren't to let him drink too much beer, as he may fall and injure himself. See you on Wednesday, Pop.

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Directions - Por Favors..

Hello Bigwigsid,

Do you have directions to the house? I remember last year trying to find that place at night was crazy and we would have never have found it - if you had not fallen from a tree.

Can you send them over to me or Charlie?

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Fall Fishing In NC

Again, from the reliable N&O.

For the next two months, the North Carolina coast can produce some of the most spectacular sports fishing available. Federal fisheries statistics show that these beaches offer more fish species and numbers per fisherman than any other section of the country. A study of head-boat fishing revealed the same story. Though head boats off Florida were averaging eight pounds of fish per angler day, the farther up the coast the more pounds of fish were caught per fisherman; by the time researchers got to Morehead's boats, the daily average had risen to 25 pounds.

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N&O article on Spanish Mackeral, which we should be able to catch, though not in the manner described in the article.

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Black Sea Bass Profile

Not that we're likely to see any surf fishing, but still. Here.

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October 09, 2003

I'm on...

Cedar Island at 4:00pm Saturday. 1:00pm is full.

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Okay, Clif and I have reservations on the 4:00 p.m. for Cedar Island. It took me an hour to get through and the Ferry people certainly sound harrassed. They aren't giving confirmation numbers. Evidently they are just writing reservations down rather than using a computer system. Mason has a reservation on the Swan Quarter Ferry with Sid and Colin. Keep calling if you haven't gotten through yet. They are also running a 6:30 and they may add another ferry dependent upon the demand. You can read the press release on TradeWinds.

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Swan Quarter Ferry

I am booked on the 1:00pm, Sat ferry from SQ to OI. That's good enough for me. Finally got thru. I am done w/the ferry!!! OCRACOKE BOUND!!! If anybody else decideds to go w/SQ, let me know!! Looks like SQ is more "user friendly" at this time. Hope to see some of you in 48 hours on the ferry, cracking a really cold beer!!!!!

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I've got a space

Hi all, Sid suggested i put in a new post as y'all might miss it in the comments.

I've managed to get a 4x4 and a ferry reservation on Sat @ 1:00 at Swan Quarter. I'm going to try to get a res from Cedar Island and ditch the SQ one, but more importantly, I wanted to let you all know that I can take someone from the Raleigh area down on Saturday.

I'll be returing on Wednesday at some point if I can get on a ferry back. getting there is of course, more important than that.

Anyone who want's / need's a ride down on Sat let me know.

Cheers, and see you on the beach.

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The island is open as of 5am tomorrow, according to the realty.

Start your engines.

Ferry #s

Cedar Island 1-800-856-0343 (252) 225-3551
Ocracoke 1-800-345-1665 (252) 928-3841
Swan Quarter 1-800-773-1094 (252) 926-1111

Update: However, they still are not taking reservations.

More update: Just talked to the head office of the ferry division in Morehead. The ferry offices should all be ready to take reservations at 11:00 this morning. They will also know which schedules they are running at that time.

Final update: I am booked for the Swanquarter ferry at 1:00 Saturday. I'm also going to try for the 6:30 Cedar Island ferry tomorrow night, and the 1:00 Cedar Island on Saturday.

Cedar Island will start taking reservations at Noon today.

Post Final Update: Ocracoke is only accepting return reservations a week in advance, so the earliest we'll be able to call to get off the island is this Saturday.

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The Latest

I called at 8:30 this morning to get reservations. Still no go. From what they say, they plan on running on the shortened Winter schedule but if the traffic is heavy they may run one or two unscheduled Ferries. They say call back this afternoon. They have not been given the official go ahead to take reservations as of yet. Do we all want to try individually, or do we want to have one individual try to make all of our reservations?

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October 08, 2003


I too just got off the phone with the Cedar Island ferry and asked about old reservations being honored. She did say that the times have changed, but not before she told me, "We can't find them." I at least appreciated her honesty. Sure, I still cussed her out, but I respected her.

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I just talked to the Ferry on Cedar Island. They still haven't been given the official go ahead to start running, even though power is on.

Here's the other thing: the scheduled run times have changed. The times are now 7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. They have changed to their Winter schedule. They may switch back, however. Since the times have changed, the reservations all seem to have been erased and NONE OF US HAVE RESERVATIONS FOR SATURDAY. They suggest that we call later. At first the lady suggested Friday, and then she suggested Thursday evening. I am suggesting that we have someone call later today and try again. Maybe they'll have word tonight that they can start running again. I think you can bet that the lines will be long. The reservations may be reactivated, but none of them are there now.

Clif, do you have those reservation confirmation numbers I sent you?

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Cedar Island says "not yet"

I just called the Cedar Island Ferry and was told they're not ready yet, but to call back tomorrow and/or Friday.

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Power's on!!

Per Nancy @ Tradewinds. Power has been restored to Ocracoke since late yesterday. Many not all of the eateries will be open this weekend. There will be GAS,BAIT & ICE. Grocery stores will be stocked, etc. It also appears that the fish will also be there, waiting with mouths open! Tight lines...

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October 07, 2003

Tideland says: 10/8

Per the Tideland EMC website: "normal power to Ocracoke will be restored by October 8th." Looks like each day brings better news. Sounds like things are finishing up and we'll be fishing, drinking & stinking once again on Ocracoke!!!

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Pompano Recipes

Oven Baked Pompano (Featuring James' long lost twin!)

Pompano en Papilotte

Scallopines of Pompano

Pompano With Oysters

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Salt Marsh

Nice article on the Salt March ecosystem here, though I suspect the author has confused red drum with something called "spot-tail bass."

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Hatteras Village Power Confirmation

Crews Restore Electricity To Hatteras Village.

On October 6th, just as I was told on September 23rd.

According to what the PR director was told yesterday by an engineer from the Hatteras Electrical Membership Cooperative, that company plans to have power restored to that shared substation by October 6th.

< Doing a little dance >

Update: Just got an email back from the Tideland EMC public relations director. She expects power to be returned to Ocracoke village sometime today.

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Fishing & Power Reports

Yesterday's post from Nancy @ Tradewinds sounds very assuring for us. Fish are really hitting and our timing on that side couldn't be better. Also a post that stated Hatteras Village (proper) had power on at 3:00pm YESTERDAY 10/6!! Sounds like OI may be getting a "test run" on the grid very soon!!!!! On the fish side: black drum, puppy drum, blues, flounder, crocker & a few spanish macks in the surf. Beaches totally accessable and drivable for 4X4's. Could this be the "best trip" ever? Nice to feel like a kid at Christmas w/only 4 more days til Santa!!

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October 06, 2003

Local Ocracoke Weather Link

Here. Cloudy on Saturday and Sunday, then clearing up.

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Well - I hope things continue to go well down on the island. I am so excited I cannot stand it.

I took the liberty to go ahead and get some great fishing towels made up (about 12). I went ahead and paid for these. They are $10 a piece - if you want one cool, if not I will just keep them.

Check them out here:

Also, the T-shirts are in, and I have not gotten money from several of you. So, if you want to wait and pay me there (where ever that is) or send it through paypal, please do so.

People who have not paid:
Kevin Mason
Kevin Mangum
Greg K
John G
Andy's dad

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Just talked to the realty. They are still expecting the power to be back on by Wednesday or Thursday, which puts the first non-residents back on the island by Friday or Saturday.

From what I gathered at the Tradewinds message board, the 4 o'clock ferries look to be the ones to avoid. Residents will have priority at those times.

Kevein, go ahead and get me three sand spikes, if you can. What did Laura think of the table?

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T Minus 5.......

Five days and counting. Work you bastards, work, and get Ocracoke ready for the hurricane that will be our group.

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October 03, 2003

Gettin' Ready

I bought my first groceries for the trip today. 4 12 packs of beer. 2 Michelob Light and 2 Michelob Ultra in bottles. I know that there are some beer snobs on this trip that will sneer at my beer selection, but I couldn't turn them down. They were $6.99 each. I figure one more haul like that and I'm in beer for the trip. I'm putting together my grocery list tonight and heading for Sam's Club this week. Can I pick up a few cans of Potted Meat for anybody?

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puppy drum!

check out the updated home page of tradewinds. nice keeper pups being caught along with some blues! and the bait...finger mullet! cast net heaven and free bait!

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Supplies & Groceries

Looking at some other sites and posts there seems to be a feeling that even if OI opens back up, nothing will be in the stores. However, this info may not be reliable and supplies should be going over with us via the ferries anyway. We usually take PLENTY of food and drink but might want to take a little extra in case the stores are in short supply. It would also be a good idea to go ahead and get some shrimp and take it over with us. Perhaps a keg or 2 this year? HA!! Let's hope we can get there next weekend!! I guess we could always live off warm beer for 7 days as long as we were fishing!!

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October 02, 2003

Isabel Still on Outer Banks

Albeit in pony form.

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Neither ferry is taking reservations yet, and likely won't until power is back on. They can't, I was told, until the EMC tells them to, so I should call back in a couple of days.

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Power Restored by the 10th

From today's Washington Daily News.

Our plan right now," said Styron on Wednesday, "is getting power restored by the middle to end of next week, barring any unforeseen problems."

Styron is basing that on "what Tideland EMC told us (Wednesday) afternoon."

After a successful grid test of from 12 to 24 hours, he expects to get the go-ahead from Tideland.

"We're gonna let all these folks back with no restrictions," he added.

A mile-long stretch of power poles and the running of a transmission line under Hatteras' new inlet are what stand in the way of power to the people, said Styron.

"It's all hingin' on that inlet."

I've called the realty, and they confirmed that the plan is to have power back on by the end of next week, with October 11th and 12th renters being the the first back on the island.

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October 01, 2003

Ocracoke Update

The Ocracoke Emergency council was suposed to meet Monday, then yesterday. That meeting has since been pushed back to 4:00 this afternoon. Each move has been because the power company asked for it, ostensibly becuase they had not yet finished their survey of the situation.

Until this meeting has been held, Ocracoke Island won't know the status of this weekend's rentals, much less next weeks.

Which, counterintuitive as it may seem, is good news for us. If Ocracoke is still unwilling to write off the rental week starting Oct 3rd and 4th, then they think there is still a chance of getting fishermen on the island for that week. A chance of having fishermen on the island that week means an even better chance of having fishermen on the island the following week.

And, according to the realty lady, the only thing they need is for the power to come back, which implies that the north road is complete, which further implies that the power company bucket trucks are able to get out to the downed lines, they presumably having the ability to navigate the sand road to the north.

Now, assuming the worst happens and we don't get on the island, I'll try to book another house, starting in the area around Hatteras point, then working north. If for some odd reason all those houses are booked I'll move on to the sourthern beaches.

But.....I probably won't know for sure that we aren't making it to the island until the 8th, which makes that day the earliest I can contact the insurance company and start booking other houses. I don't expect either to be a problem, but we might not know before Thursday or Friday where we are going. There's also Curt's house, even though he won't be there until Wednesday. He's supposed to talk to Mangum or myself about that possibility. I haven't heard from him yet.

There's also a possiblity that Ocracoke will be open for the latter half of the week of the 11th. If that happens, we could try to split the week between Curt's house and the island.

If we do use Curt's house, either for part or all of the week, I'm going to consider past transgressions as having been redeemed.

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Blow Me Isabel

Read this post from Monday on the Tradewinds site. What stuck out to me was this comment:

Re: Ocracoke's power feed from the north, Tideland Electric is dependent on yet another utility company serving Hatteras that is responsible for repairs there. She could not comment on the timetable for these repairs, but mentioned that the contractors responsible for burying a new power cable under the new inlet have encountered problems and "almost lost their equipment" in the new inlet yesterday.

Provided that the information detailed above is accurate, optimists are looking at Ocracoke reopening around 10/13 and pessimists can pick a number through the end of November. I am an optimist.

October 13th??? Dammit, people. Get your asses in gear and make this trip a reality. This whole thing blows more than the hurricane did. I am hoping they update this soon and find that they are making great strides, but typically, anything that deals with construction is usually done later as opposed to earlier.

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Ocracoke Pictures

Here are some pictures posted yesterday on the Tradewinds site. It looks as if a new inlet at Ocracoke was almost created as well. Maybe we should take a boat rather than a car to get around the island.

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