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August 29, 2003

Room for one more???

In typical Greg Kowalsky fashion - he has booked his flight to Oracoke for the first half of the week, without telling any of us. So Greg is in! I told him to bring his sleeping bag and tent!

Sid, he will be contacting you to arrange payment!

Welcome, Kowlasky!!

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New Beer Poll

For White Ales.

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August 28, 2003

Marching to the Drum of a Different Color

Article on fishing for Black Drum in the N&O today, Fish is a drum of a different color

"I was using fresh mole crabs for bait," said Dycus, who used grouper tackle to land the fish. "I used old mole crabs as chum by lowering them to the bottom in a mesh bag with a weight."

Although red drum strike a variety of finfish baits and shellfish baits, their preference leans toward the fishy side. However, large black drum prefer shellfish above finfish. Successful anglers therefore use crabs, shrimp and clams .

Anglers have personal preferences for black-drum bait. Shrimp, squid and clams extracted from their shells attract black drum but also croakers and pinfish. Mole crabs, fiddler crabs, mud crabs and blue crabs are less attractive to bait-stealers.


When seeking juvenile black drum, anglers use light to medium spinning or bait-casting tackle. Although the big fish at the ADM dock require large hooks of up to 7/0 in size, smaller fish are caught by using any hook small enough to impale a piece of shrimp. The most popular rig is a Carolina rig, with the hook and weight changing with the size of the expected catch.

Black drum do not have a reputation as fighters, but they are capable of strong runs. They do not have the endurance and speed of red drum, but they still can break lines because of the structure they inhabit. Not many black drum are caught on lures, but they occasionally are caught on jigs and other bottom-bumping lures

We'll have to remember to ask Nancy at Tradewinds about where mole crabs might be found on the beach this year. Looking for them on our own last year was fruitless. We should also be able to catch fiddler crabs in the marsh.

Not that I have any idea on how to put either type on a hook. If we do find mole crabs, they'll keep in a bucket of wet sand for a few days, so I've heard.

As for the black drum, no limits on the catch, which I think we all knew, and it grows larger than a red drum, not that I expect that will impact us in any way, unless we get enough people toether for a charter boat.

Now that I have a plethora of rods, I expect I'll use one each of the big ones for red and black drum, assuming I can get either crab or clams for the black drum rod, and a shrimp baited short rod for everything else.

Putting chum in a mesh bag a couple of feet out from the shore also strikes me as a good idea, especially on the point where it wont get nearly as beat up.

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August 26, 2003

Satellite Photos

You can zoom in and scroll back and forth over the island here, but I kidnapped three satellite pics of areas we'll be interested in

South Point - 1998

It looks like the extreme left or right ends of the point might be the best areas to fish with the smaller rods, due to the narrow channels. I bet Kevin was hitting that outer sandbar with every cast he made from the big rod last year.

House - 1993

The house doesn't look like it is in the same place in the satellite photo as it is on the realty map, but there's certainly nothing else anywhere near it, and the pier is right there. Beach looks nice, too.

We ought to be able to cast into the channel from the pier, and the large channel extension just off the point looks promising as well, though it might be a pain to get to the point.

North Point - 1993

Looks like there is a channel right along the beach at the North point too, though it isn't as well defined.

All the photos are several years out of date, but the photo of the southern inlet seems pretty close to what we saw last year. I called Spaceimaging.com to see how much it would cost to buy uptodate images. It's $18 per square kilometer, but you have to buy a minimum of 100 square kilometers.

Maybe next year.

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August 25, 2003

fishing gear

so...did you guys get anything new and/or interesting on your saturday outing? i plan on tying a bunch of drum rigs like i did last trip. those coupled with the others i have should keep us stocked for rigs. i also have a few bottom rigs, fire-ball rigs and i am sure mason will be bringing his trusty "snelled" bottom rigs. a good purchase for anyone interested in night fishing would be a light that can be fixed on the head, leaving the hands free for casting, re-tying and the lot. just an idea.

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Driving Down

Good day all!
I expect to drive my Cherokee down on Saturday. I heard a rumor from the wife that there was a group leaving from Raliegh. I also heard that I need to reserve a ferry spot over and back. Does someone need a ride to or fro? I was planning on leaving on Tuesday. Can I get a Ferry Schedule somewhere? Whom else is driving down on Saturday from Raleigh? I'm getting geeked up! Thanks for letting me tag along.

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Blog? what blog? OH! That blog!

So, I finally remembered that Sid set up a blog for the fishing trip. Looks like I've got some reading to do. Did I miss anything important? :)

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The Boogie Scarecrow Opts Out

Looks like we've lost Russell for the first weekend. He was only going to come for Sat.-Monday, but it looks like he is not coming now. Evidently his fishing trip money will now be applied to needed home repairs. At least that reduces some of the crowding for the first half of the week.

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August 24, 2003

Others On The Island

CDL Alumni Debra Brown (Ballard, now), her brother Chris and their families are on the island from the 12th thru the 19th. I expect Debra's husband Dan and Chris will drop by at some point, drawn by the siren call of beer sans the disapproving glances of the women and children.

Debra's family has been making an annual October Ocracoke trip for years, now. We should get Dan and Chris liquored up and pump them for fishing location information.

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August 23, 2003

Casting Rod

Try this one, Colin.

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Getting Pulled

There's a thread at the Tradewinds Board that confirms the Colin's rumor.

I ordered the digital breathalyzer today, after finding an Internet coupon that knocked another $20 off the price.

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August 22, 2003

Designated Drivers

Heard a new rumour today about how diligent the cops have been about pulling people over.

Buddy at work heard that a guy and his son got pulled over leaving Howards, because the son (not the driver) "stumbled" on the way out.

Turned out the son has cerebral palsy, and so couldn't walk normally anyway. Seems to me it should be easy enough to tell the difference between drunk and disabled.

I'm for the DD's either hardly touching a drop on the beach or rationing themselves to one brew an hour, and yes, I will volunteer myself for a day.

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Tackle Meeting on Saturday

Colin, I, and perhaps Cliff are meeting at the Crossroads Dick's Sporting goods Saturday around noon to buy tackle and sundry other goods for the trip, after which we'll have a beer or two at the Carolina Ale House.

Feel free to join us.

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Second-half Reservations

So as to be prepared for all possibilities, I've got ferry reservations (from Cedar Island) on the noon boats on both 14 and 15 October. I also booked a spot on the noon ferry (to CI) on 18 October, and at 9:30a the next day, just in case we get an extra day. In all likelihood we'll be heading down on Tuesday, so if anyone needs a last-minute Wednesday res, let me know and I'll give you the conf#. The return trip is obviously still up in the air, but I'll have a res to give a away, maybe.

Also, I should have room for one or maybe two people, if anyone's looking for a ride and can meet us somewhere along I-40/NC 24/US 70/NC 12.

Digital Camera (I put this in a comment, but it's way out of date so I doubt if anybody other than Bigwig's seen it.)

I don't have a digital camera, but I can bring a small, battery-operated printer--this will let us make (pretty much) immediate copies, a la Polaroids, for distribution right there en la playa.

Downsides (2): It will only read those 80MB, 43mm X 36mm CompactFlash memory cards. Prints on high-quality Olympus paper, so I probably won't bring more than 1 25-copy pack, unless there's a groundswell of support (and promises of $$$).

Lemme know if any of the digital cameras people intend to bring are compatible, else I won't need to pack it.

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Cliff has finalized the design.



The shirt is the same style as last year's--a long sleeved tee. Does anyone have a color preference for the shirt? White, Navy, Gray?

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August 21, 2003


Bluefish make the New York Times.

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Stocking Up

Anyone else up for a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods/Carolina Ale House/Total Wind at Crossroads this weekend?

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Zara Spook

Any one else used one? The N&O on it, today.

Any self-respecting angler knows about the Zara Spook, the venerable topwater bait that has captivated many with its ability to lure savage surface strikes from just about any species in saltwater or freshwater.

Obviously I'm not a self-respecting angler.

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Got some work to do

This site is certified 26% EVIL by the Gematriculator

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Surfing for Specks

In Alabama, but the fish won't be that much different up here.

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August 19, 2003

Kick Ass Sea Bass

If anyone else wants to join Kevin this year, Ebay looks like it might have some cheap casting reels.

I think Mangum uses a Penn, you can see those here.

Magum, Mason, let us know which ones to bid on.

Also, if anyone does bid, come back here and let us know. We don't want to be bidding against each other. I'm looking at the Penn 350 or one of the vintage 309s, myself.

And while I'm at it.

Surf Rods - I've already bid on the 13' Tsunami, so don't go bidding on it.

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Drum Rig

From the tradewinds msg. board

7-20# mono, fishfinder rig, 8/0 Gama or Owner circle hook, chunk or head of your favorite baitfish.

Here's a pic of something close to the above

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Fish Kill on Neuse

75,000 dead, mostly spot, croaker and pinfish.

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August 18, 2003

Liquid Solutions

I'll be placing an order with Liquid Solutions in a week or two. This is what I'm getting so far.

Macbeth's Three Witches Cider - 6
Avery The Reverend - 3
Stone Imperial Stout - 3
Bigfoot Barleywine - 6
MacTarnahan's Gran Luxe Tripel - 3
Dry Blackthorn Cider - 3
Duchesse de Bourgogne -6
Romulan Ale -6

Aside from the cider, and the Romulan Ale, which I must have, most of them are high alcohol fuck you up beers unavailable in NC. If anyone wants me to order something for them, let me know.

And be advised that shipping charges are a bitch. It's basically a buck per pound.

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August 15, 2003

access map

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Fish Tales

Here's an article implying that the saltwater fishing seasons are all screwed up this year, the the caveat that the inshore fishing has been excellent, at least in Virginia.

What I expect this means for us is that we'll see more september type fish this year, like mackeral and pompano. Big flounder as well.

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Beer Voting

New poll up at Hraka, for an Import

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August 13, 2003

Two-Track Minds

I have just completed yet another trip to this site and realized something rather amazing.........we damn sure love some beer and fish. You would have thought we would have evolved a little more in the past 20 years, but we still love beer and fish. We have dedicated an entire page, full of posts, regarding little more than fishing and drinking. If there is a heaven on Earth, this blog might just be it..........dear God I sound like Sid.

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August 12, 2003

Beer On The Beach

I know there has been talk on here about us having DD's on the trip, and Kevin and I talked on the phone the other night and talked about would the rules be the same on the beach. I was down at Ocracoke for July 4th and the police were pulling people left and right, with roadblocks as well. Still, even during that crazy week, I never saw anyone pulled on getting into trouble while actually on the beach. Apparently, we are not safe there either. This is part of a post that was on the Tradewinds message board:

In response to Earl's question, yes, there have been checkpoints on the access roads this year and many more "pullovers" on the beach. Law enforcement has definitely increased this past season in Ocracoke. A buddy of mine was pulled over by a Park Ranger this past April and arrested for DWI, on the beach.

Dammit, I really did not think people would be pulled there, but apparently DD's can't drink too much while fishing either or we could get pulled just changing locations. Now that really blows.

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Five Saltwater Best Bets In North Carolina

For tens of thousands of North Carolina saltwater anglers, flounder, red drum, bluefish, king mackerel and dolphin are the bread, butter and main course of coastal fishing.

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German Beer Goes Flat

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August 11, 2003

Auditions have closed

According to Alex, John Wnek is coming, this is also according to the check she gave Charlie Saturday. He's bringing his Jeep, so there should be at least 5 4x4's for the first half of the week. Glad you could make it, John.

Also Andy Humer is returning after a 4 or 5 year abscence. He and his dad are coming the second half of the week, with a 4x4 truck and a john boat. Not sure of the length, but it ought to be good for sound fishing. Welcome back, man.

Assuming Curt comes for the second half of the week, we are now overbooked for both halves of the week. I'm thinking about just renting a whole 'nother house.

I'm definitely getting a cot, and sleeping on it.

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Reservations confirmed for the trip back on Weds. Oct 15th. My Honda and Adam's explorer. Me, Dallas, Colin, and Adam. Both reservations are under my name.

Be at Ferry at 9:00 AM, it leaves at 9:30 AM.....


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August 08, 2003

Better Safe Than Sorry

Ok, on the theory that DD's should be allowed to drink early. then sober up before we leave the beach, I present to you the CA-2000 Digital Breathalyzer.

No one quits fishing until their DD blows a .07.

It's $89 bucks. Who's in?

Alternatively, once we get off the beach we can use it competitively, awarding a prize at the end of the week for whomever registers the highest reading without getting sick.

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Hitch a ride?

Well, Excuuuuuuuse me Mr Sid. :-D

I'll ask the question again, this time on Sid's nice new and shiny Blog rather than over email - I'm obviously not geeky enough, despite several opinions to the contrary.

Sid, would it please be possible to get a ride with you out to Ocracoke if the weather isn't playing nice on the Saturday? I intend to fly, but am at the mercy of the weather if that's all I have.

Adam, Clif and (no longer) Charlie:
Would it be possible to cram in for the trip back up to the Raleigh area on Wednesday if I hitch down with Sid?

Thanks all.

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Holy Man In the House

The Rev. Sid is coming for the second half of the week, which means that Charlie is now staying the whole week. With James, that's two DDs for the second half of the week.

First half of the week - Over booked by one. Tommy is welcome to come if he can make it. That's it.

Second half of the week - Three spots left. Has anyone talked to Curt?

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Beer Poll

Voting is up at Hraka for a Macro brew to take to Ocracoke. I'll need someone to volunteer to buy a case of the winner.

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Drum and Trout Fishing

Turn Up the Heat on Carolina Drum & Specks

"The redfish will use any bar in the sound, depending on the wind direction," he said. "They'll move up and down on sandbars in the sound, and once you find some, you can pattern them for four or five days," Dempsey said. "You get some sight-casting opportunities in the summer, but it's much better in the spring and fall. You'll get some dead-still mornings and evenings, in water that's between 8 and 18 inches deep, and that's where you'll find 'em. One of the best places is on the back of the north side of Ocracoke."

For trout, Dempsey looks for dropoffs where the broken eel-grass and spartina flats tumble into deeper holes and cuts.

"What you've got down here behind Hatteras and Ocracoke is eel-grass and spartina. It doesn't come all the way to the top, and the specks will get on top of that grass on the flats. They're a lot more spread out when they're on the flats. When it comes to sloughs, you fish the edge of a slough that's 4 to 8 feet deep. That's the kind of place that will concentrate fish.

"If you can only fish one month out of the year, it should be late September through October. The specks are gathering up, making their run (to the ocean). They're all coming across the sound, headed for Hatteras Inlet. It's a good bite," Dempsey said, "with a lot of 17-, 18-, 19- and 20-inch fish and some bigger ones."

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August 06, 2003


Is anyone other than the following planning on taking a 4x4 to ocracoke?

Myself, Kevin, Adam, Scott.

Also, does anyone have a digital camera to take, or do I need to start working on the wife so that I can take ours?

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I see a Porgy, but no Bess

Not only am I taking the laptop, I'm considering taking a satellite modem as well. How else will I be able to use the Nc Division of Marine fisheries online fish identification pages?

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August 04, 2003

New Addition

Kevin Mason's coming, for at least the latter half of the week. He's planning on sleeping on a sofa or the floor if he comes for the first half.

Glad you can make it, man.

I'm also planning on buying an extra night at the end of the week if the house isn't rented for the week after we are there. That will allow those who don't get there until Wednesday an extra night. I won't know for sure if I'll be able to do that until the beginning of October, though.

Also, Colin heard a rumor that there was at least one police roadblock of a beach road this year, probably as the result of a drunk driving fatality on the beach earlier in summer. I've posted to the Tradewinds message board in an attempt to find out how strict alcohol enforcement will be. I suspect it will be more casual in october than in the summer, but we may need to come up with a plan to deal with it nonetheless.

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August 02, 2003

fish report

well, fish are being caught at the moment, and some nice ones. spanish, grey trout and flounder are being caught with regularity. there was even a 26" puppy drum caught yesterday, but that was at the point. at ocracoke, the action seems to be at the north end, a place we did not fish at all last trip. worth a try at the moment. i am still convinced that a trip to the beach one night would have interesting results.

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August 01, 2003

beach driving

yep. nothing we don't already do. lower tire pressure, i think, is the key. i, however, do not have a tow strap, but i plan on having one by the trip.

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