December 01, 2004

Striper Trip Info

Spoke to Bob from Tradewinds on the phone this morning. The good news is that January Striper fishing is normally pretty good. The bad news is that there's so few fisherman on the island then that Tradewinds is closed, though they do leave contact numbers on the door for fishermen that come by and want to b uy something.

As for bait, he says frozen squid does much better than one would think, and every now and then someone will go a run to Frisco Rod and Gun for bunker. As for MLK weekend, he figured we could easily get enough bunker for the whole time on the way in.

ONe further thing. If we have a funky wind Ocracoke is a much smaller island, so it takes less time to find a more or less sheltered spot than on Hatteras.


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Well, it's fine with me. My Dad can't make it so just me from my side. I guess if anyone drives around, they/we could just buy bunker as we make it down the south OBX. Get some at Red Drum in Buxton, Frisco Rod, Angler's HQ in Hatteras. By the time we get to Ocracoke, we'd have enough of it from a few days. I'm up for trying it. Should also be some specks and puppy drum around as well. Less crowded as well. Let do Ocracoke in January : )

Posted by: Mason at December 1, 2004 03:07 PM

Fine by me. Looking forward to it.

BTW, I probably won't have a 4x4 this time. One of the guys who might come with us does. Let me know if I need to try to arrange it again.

If it's a cut down trip like last year, two ought to do us, right? (I assume dawg is coming).

Posted by: Colin at December 1, 2004 11:25 PM

it looks like i will be able to make it, and greg is 90% sure he will also, so count us two into the tally. today was unreal, weather wise. thunder storms...75 degree air temps...then wind with abundant sun. i guarantee the stripers are freaking out trying to find cool water. the water temps are still near 68 degrees in the surf, which is great for drum but tough for stripers. this could bode well for us come january, provided a cold front moves in near the end of december/first of january. if the old timers and farmers are right, we should see snow in about 10-12 days, based on today's weird weather.

Posted by: kevin at December 10, 2004 06:10 PM
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