November 23, 2004


Never give up.

On Sunday, Steve Flores took his 15-year-old nephew, Justin, to San Luis Pass for his birthday, where bull redfish were the targeted species. Flores jammed two PVC pipes into the sand (to serve as rod holders) and tossed cut mullet to a spot just across the third sandbar.

To pass time, the anglers worked finger mullet across the shallow sandbars, a strategy that netted some flounder, when out of the blue one of the surf rods suddenly “shot toward the Gulf like a rocket.”

“Before we could blink twice, I could see a rooster tail from my rod and reel through the surf, and then it was gone,” said Flores. “I ran to my truck, rigged another rod and reel with extra hooks and weights, and I cast at least 30 times into a deep drop-off, hoping to snag my Gulf-bound rod and reel.”

Now, before you say, “no way,” Flores did eventually snag his equipment, and when he finally brought it in, it was still running outbound.

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