November 22, 2004

Kind Of A Reverse Bycatch

Efforts to protect the bottlenose dolphin may impact the NC commercials.

Western North Atlantic coastal bottlenose dolphins, ranging primarily from New Jersey to Florida, are considered "strategic" and "depleted," special status designations under the MMPA. The BDTRT team reviewed bottlenose dolphin stock abundance and mortality information, developing strategies to reduce the serious injury and mortality resulting from incidental interactions with nine commercial fisheries, including the following; North Carolina Inshore Gillnet; Southeast Atlantic Gillnet; Southeastern United States Shark Gillnet; United States Mid-Atlantic Coastal Gillnet; Atlantic Blue Crab Trap/Pot; Mid-Atlantic Haul/Beach Seine; North Carolina Long Haul Seine; North Carolina Roe Mullet Stop Net; and Virginia Pound Net.

I can see why the commercials are so jumpy. It must sometimes seem as if they are besieged on all sides.

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I agree with you and the commercial's nervousness about this stuff. But how long do we allow what amounts to nothing more than "slash and burn" type of harvesting techniques? Gill nets kill everything that get's in them. We have plenty of evidence that some (NOT ALL) practices of commercial fishing have a much greater impact than previously thought (or at least publically acknowledged)! Hell, even all the abandoned crab pots left in the water will continue to kill fish! For the record, I am now totally in support of a complete and total net ban for the next 5 years (gill,pound & trawling) on any and all inshore waters up to 3 miles out in NC waters. After 5 years (or longer if required), if the fish populations can support it, create a lottery type draw and re-open some waters to allow for LIMITED pound netting. Let the chips fall where they may!! Protection of one's paycheck and the expense of a publicly owned resource is not acceptable. GO CCA!!!

Posted by: Mason at November 23, 2004 11:04 AM
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