June 29, 2004

First that kid in Hatteras, now this.

Breijak had just one line left in the water and it was rigged only with half of a frozen shrimp on 10-pound Spider monofilament line tied to a small No. 1/0 hook.

When Breijak began to reel the line in, he thought it was snagged until the fish began to make a run.

"I could tell it was big right away," Breijak said. "It grabbed my hook and grabbed my shrimp and took off."

After battling the fish for about 30 minutes, Breijak finally landed it with the help of passing boaters who used a gaff to help pull it in.

He was stunned to see what he'd caught a black drum that weighed 70 pounds and measured 48 inches.

Damn giant black drum must be attracted to crappy rigs.

Update: Ok, drum aren't the only ones.

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