June 24, 2004

The SmartCast RF20 is another rod-mounted fish finder. There's a fairly glowing review of it here.

If I had to make a guess, I'd say that green thing is what attaches to your line. I'm thinking it requires need two rods--one for the fishfinder, and one for bait. It also appears than they can be networked together, so that you can see the results from more than one finder on a single screen.

Be nice to have a picture of what's going on in the inlet, come those slow afternoons in October, but it only functions if it's within 35 yards or so of the receiver. I'd think even we would want it to have at least a 50 yard range.

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I don't think actually "seeing" the fish would be all that great in our cases. However, I do think that by searching the inlet's bottom and finding a deep hole or some type of bottom irregularity would be a really good benefit. My general thoughts on "our" fishing are that most of the inlet fish generally move in and out with the currents/tides. The limited range on this also is a drawback. 35 yards on a 75 yard cast doesn't help me much. Find a deep hole (if any) and it might pay off...

Posted by: Mason at June 25, 2004 08:58 AM
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