May 18, 2004

Cam World

In Palm Beach, it's easy to determine the water conditions before heading out to fish--one just checks out The Jupiter inlet webcam.

North Carolina doesn't have anything nearly as nice for its coastal waters, though there are a number of webcams* overlooking saltwater in the state.

Beaufort's estuary webcam.
The Coast Guard station at Oregon Inlet. The camera may be up on the bridge, but the image is so poor I can't tell.
Atlantic Beach. near The Circle, I think.
Bald Head Island Marina
Wrightsville Beach
Avalon Pier Cam
Duck has 7 webcams, too bad no one fishes there.
Cat Marine on Harker's Island has 4.
Ocean Isle
Indian Beach
Two views from Oak Island
The harbor at Oriental
Ocracoke has two, but I can't get either to work at the moment.
Banks Channel on the Intercoastal Waterway near Wrightsville Beach.

As you can see, most are too small to be that informative.

Postscript: People do fish Jupiter Inlet--for sharks at least. Suggested equipment includes ballons and Lifesavers candy.

*Thanks to Carolina Cam world fro a number of the links above

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