April 28, 2004

The Hoser News Service

For all the beer industry news junkies out there--that would be......me, an indepth examination of the problems in the domestic Canadian beer market.

For the rest of you, Canadian beer trivia!

1. The oldest brewery in North America is Molson's in Montreal, which has been brewing on site since 1786.

2. The notion that Canadian beer is far stronger than American beer is a fallacy. Canadians measure alcohol content by volume not weight, so when measured equally, Canadian beer is only a little bit stronger than American beer.

3. In 2000, Canadian brewers sold enough beer to fill the SkyDome.

4. The biggest beer drinkers in Canada are the Yukoners. In 2000, they drank the equivalent of 18 24-packs of beer per capita (followed by Quebecers at 11 and Newfoundlanders at 10.5).

O.K., that's also for me.

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