April 13, 2004

There's No Night Swimming In Salvo

What is the Salvo Hole Monster?

Extra Bonus: What looks like a workable kite-fishing rig.

There's two ways to send the bait out. If you have somebody with you then you can send the bait out with the kite. One person controls the kite rod and the other person controls the bait rod. I wrap the bait line around the release clip instead of just putting the line through it. This helps keep the bait out of the water while it's being sent out, if you drag it in the water a wave could catch it and cause the bait to be dropped before you get it out there. If your alone you can use the release clip as a pulley. The lines on both fishing rods still go out at the same time but you send the bait out after you get the kite out there. Once you get the bait out just yank the bait rod real hard to release the line from the clip to drop the bait.

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