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August 13, 2003

Induction Ceremony

Please rise, as we induct Big Dumb Cousin into the Websurfer Hall of Fame for the act of ferreting out and delivering unto us an mp3 version of the 1949 Freddie Mitchell hit, Doby's Boogie.

There's a streamed version of it here (requires realserver), let me know which you prefer.

This concludes our final Larry Doby contest.

Outstanding tasks for entry into the Websurfer Hall of Fame include:

A definition and history of the Yugoslav "Cloister Ostorg."

Identification of the titles and artists of any of the paintings appearing in this picture (backstory here), and

The names and fates of any of these three men. Their story is told here.

Posted by Bigwig at 12:35 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack

July 10, 2003

You Really Can Win!

Miscellaneous mathoms from the depths of our attic. Just ask Joe, of the Short Strange Trip, who today received an elderly Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottle via the good, if somewhat slow, people at UPS. As you can see in the link above, and here, it's the bottle that can't be photographed!

Guaranteed  to get a reaction "Honey, why are your Internet friends sending you empty Milk of Magnesia bottles?"

Wonderful at parties!

Outstanding races for Hraka mathoms and entry into the Websurfer Hall of Fame include:

A full mp3 version of the 1948 Freddy Mitchell hit "Doby's Boogie."

A definition and history of the "Cloister Ostorg."

Identification of the titles and artists of any of the paintings appearing in this picture, and

The names and fates of any of these three men.

Yes. I realize that some of the races above have not been previously announced.

Prizes will vary based on difficulty, wallet state, and amount of sleep I've had lately.

Posted by Bigwig at 08:47 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack

June 20, 2003

The Websurfer Hall of Fame

We have a winner for the Google Race. Joe, of The Short Strange Trip, who located a copy of the famous Steve Gromek/Larry Doby embrace at the 1948 World Series, via the underhanded, time tested and Silflay Hraka approved method of cheating.

I cheated and used my online access to the U of Arizona library archives. I screen grabbed from the pdf file. It was from the October 10, New York Times article. Tada! Funny, the google search for "interracial baseball kiss" came up with nothing.

Technically, this did not satisfy the conditions for entry into the Websurfer hall of Fame, but all we really wanted was the picture in the first place, and it's not like we've the Instapundit hordes out there scouring every nook and cranny, so welcome Joe, entry #1 in the Websurfer Hall of Fame.*

I think those are two of the best expressions of pure joy I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

From a biography of Steve Gromek, since there's been a lot of Larry Doby articles lately.

Steve Gromek spent 17 years in the majors, pitching his way to a 123-108 record with the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers. In 1948, he started Game 4 of the World Series and outdueled Johnny Sain to a 3-1 win for the Indians.

The game included a moment that set a tone for baseball race relations. Gromek was photographed giving Larry Doby a hug after he hit a home run.

Historical experts say the photo was "considered a landmark in what was then only the second year of the integration of baseball."

Larry Doby said he would "always cherish that photograph and the memory of Gromek hugging me and me hugging him, because it proved that emotions can be put into a form not based on skin color."

*Send me your mailing address and your mathom will be on its way post-haste, Joe.

Yes, I realize I called it the Silflay Hraka Websurfer Hall of Fame, but there's not another around, so there's not much point in distinguishing ours in that manner. Ours is the first, so ours is the The.

Next Google race, or ShortStrangeTrip Shortcut, if you prefer, is in the same theme, for similar prizes, i.e. whatever we have laying around that house that we don't especially care for, and an entry into The Websurfer Hall of Fame!

The object of the race: An mp3 version of the 1948 Freddy Mitchell hit "Doby's Boogie"

Same rules apply, mostly. Send us a url to the mp3, or the mp3 itself. It won't be easy, because I can do those myself.

Posted by Bigwig at 09:32 PM | Comments (8) | TrackBack

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