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June 07, 2005


I've come to realize that politics isn't about operating the country, it's about how to bitterly hate the living bejeezus out of everybody who doesn't agree precisely with every single opinion you hold, so that even sweet gum drops taste like ashes in your mouth, until the day comes that you can have everybody in the opposing party drawn, quartered, and dipped in an admixture of lemon juice and salt and then baked on a shingle, and how it will wreck your entire life until you can see everybody with even remote ties to the opposition party crucified with rusty 10 penny nails along the roadside on the way to either Amarillo, or Boston, depending on your persuasion... but still.

Do you think the Democratic National Committee could have picked a better guy to alienate most of middle America than Howie Dean?

Holy crap in a bucket! What's up with this guy? Why does he think that people vote Republican? Does he really believe the crap he spews, about how Republican voters are idle rich folk who live to dodge hard work, to cruelly oppress minorities and poor folk, and to spend every spare waking moment in Matthew Hale's Church of the Insane Racist Insurrection worshipping the Aryan Nations' Lilly White Jeebus?

I can't speak for anybody else, but I tend to vote "R" pretty often because the "R" party's positions are less odious, and less hostile to my interests on the whole, than the "D" party. Ya hear that - it's not because I was baptized "R" when I was born, and I'm stuck there until I die - it's because the "R"s positions are less repugnant to me (your mileage may vary) than the "D"s positions, at least right now. I've been known to cross party lines for the right candidate, and will in fact cross the lines in the next presidential election in a heartbeat, if it's Hillary on one side, and I get the slightest whiff of chickendove off the Republican on the other side.

There is reason to believe that when Johnny Edwards, Joe Biden, and the San Francisco Chronicle all turn against you because you are too incendiary and too far to the left, you need to call Houston because you have a problem. It's like a bad Monty Python skit. Dean is supposed to be getting an argument, but here he is in a room filled with mindless abuse, pretty much all of it of his own making.

It makes me wonder if Howie is a mainscream Dem, WODF (Way Out Dere, Flappin'); or if he actually represents something like the mainstream of the "D"s in most of the country. It is possible he's just playing to the WODF fringe, the folks who call C-SPAN at 7:00 AM on a Sunday and wonder how it is CSPAN has avoided being shut down by the fiendish BushHitler MurderDeath Machine. If so, then the Dems blew it when they put the leader of the Loony Lefty drum section in charge of the whole orchestra. Sure, I thought he was crazy when he ditched the church he was brought up in - thereby risking the fate of his immortal soul - because they wouldn't grant a bicycle path easement to the local town council. But he doesn't have to spend the next four years trying to prove I was right about him being nuts. Cripes.

On the other hand, if Dr. Dean represents the mainstream of the party, the center mass... well, then the "D"s had better step away from the car, and put their hands up, 'cuz we can't allow them to drive until they make a good effort to sober up. He isn't even a wild-eyed socialist revolutionary, he's just plain old wild-eyed, and that's not good, especially if he's a representative sample of the party faithful.

Posted by Blackavar at June 7, 2005 09:31 PM | TrackBack
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Right to the point Mr Heywood!!! Looks like if the Dems let this maniac stay on as the head of the DNC, they are just making sure that the next Pres too will be a Republican.

Posted by: Ronin at June 7, 2005 09:56 PM

All Right Mr. Blackavarian,

There will be no more gratuitous mocking of the best thing Karl Rove ever did. Good gravy have you been deleting your VRWC emails? Are you trying to Plame Howie?

Check your crypto, this is our guy, SHHHHH!


Uncle J

Posted by: Uncle Jimbo at June 7, 2005 10:37 PM

Kehaar brought this up earlier. This must be a Jedi Mind Trick of Darth Rovius.

Rove: "You don't need to win any more elections"

Dean: "We don't need to win any more elections"

Rove: "You are a screeching moonbat"

Dean: "I am a screeching moonbat"

Posted by: Captain Holly at June 8, 2005 10:48 AM

I've said it in other forums and I'll say it here: the Democrats, rather than imitating the success they had with a rather centrist Bill Clinton, have decided that they can't win against the Republicans by going after the middle. They've decided that they can only win by going even further left and pandering to the fringes. They are totally alienating anyone that isn't performing abortions and homosexual marriages while renouncing all forms of religion. They made one mistake by selecting far-left Nancy Pelosi to represent them in Congress. Selecting Howard Dean to head the DNC was just further proof that the Dems have completely gone off the deep end.

I suspect that the Dems are done as a party. The only option now is for a third party, led by maverick conservatives (true, fiscal conservatives) like John McCain and centrist Democrats and Republicans to come along and make the already obsolete Democratic party irrelevant.

Posted by: Kehaar at June 8, 2005 12:53 PM

In what world is McCain a fiscal conservative? (He's also not a true conservative.)

Posted by: Andy Freeman at June 8, 2005 01:25 PM

In the same world that George Bush's administration is considered fiscally conservative, I guess. I suppose it's how you define "conservative". If you define it as out-of-control spending and running up massive deficits, I guess they're both fiscally conservative. I'm just assuming McCain is less so. At least taxation is low.

I guess the nature of "true" conservatism is up for debate.

Posted by: Kehaar at June 8, 2005 02:32 PM
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