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May 31, 2005

The Essential Difference

Between Andrew Sullivan, who claims to support the war in Iraq/on terror, yet constantly carps over the Bush administration's prosecution of it, and, well, me.

Andrew worries incessantly about what Muslims think of us. I think Muslims should worry incessantly about what we think of them. It strikes me as an altogether more preferable situation.

At the very least, it would seem that worrying about the finer feelings about the adherents of a religion who are wont to riot in the streets over the physical treatment of a holy book of myths is beneath the citizenry of a secular, humanist republic.

The very fact that such riots occur should indicate that an attempted dialog with the participants in such would be worthless.

All in all, is it so much to ask that Andrew regard Muslims with the same degree of contempt he holds for fundamentalist Christians?

Update: It's a start

Posted by Bigwig at May 31, 2005 11:11 AM | TrackBack
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Dont you know that one of the main assumptions of multiculturalism is this : that the views and opinions and attitudes held by "people of color" are so much more true and acceptable than theose held by Americans? And that any religios belief held by non-Americans, especially by people of color elsewhere, so so much more correct and ethical than the religious beliefs of Americans? This kind of thinking is what underlines the thinking of the looney left, including Sullivan's

Posted by: ronin at May 31, 2005 03:39 PM

Well, that’s one of my beefs with the human rights groups and Gitmo. When you’ve defined torture downward, to putting one Koran atop another Koran, pretty much everything qualifies as a warcrime.

The problem with this is it invites us to jettison standards of decency, since those who allegedly define decency set the bar impossibly high. Many on the right, fond of bright lines and not so fond of the ACLU and Amnesty to begin with, are only to happy to disregard their rot. That’s one problem anyhow. Another is that many on the left are pretty happy to have a bludgeon with which to smack around the U.S. government, the military industrial complex’s WarKill machine, and the man.

The other other problem, of course, is that the “prisoners of conscience” at Gitmo and their fugitive colleagues are numerous, and are the selfsame people who have been known to gnaw American throats out. Unless killing Americans by throat gnawing is a fundamental human right that I missed somewhere, there remains a real and serious problem to be dealt with, that we haven’t really seriously addressed yet. As Michael Ledeen notes today at NRO, we’ve been in this thing for longer than we were in WWII, and still nobody in official Washington can name our enemy out loud (radical Islamism, or militant Salafiism, as the 9/11 Commission would tell you); and nobody there has articulated a longterm strategy, along the lines of an NSC 68, a blueprint to win, and to defend our core values. One essential element of such a strategy would involve public relations and education, educating the semi literate masses of the Muslim fundocracies enough so that a dialogue can actually be conducted between our nations. I can’t write off those Arab and Muslim masses yet, as Andy seems to have with his soft bigotry of low expectations.

Our leadership is really letting us down in the War on Terra. Where is Congress when our radio and TV outreach efforts are languishing and being underfunded? Why, passing bills to ensure that anything produced with government bucks, prominently states it’s a U.S. government project. (They are doing as good a job of saving our public diplomacy programs as they did with saving Terry Schiavo, IMHO). Oh well, there goes Radio Free Saudi. And where are they on the Gitmo question? They’re quick to criticize unilateral executive branch action, but I don’t see them stepping up and offering anything better. Couldn’t they at least lay out a rudimentary administrative court system? Shouldn’t our magnificent Solons, um, have had time to draft a legislative solution to Gitmo? I guess it’s easier to just lob bombs at the Administration, or to ignore the problems entirely, than to do the heavy lifting necessary to take on the problems we face.

Andy Sullivan isn’t the problem here. The problem is we’re not swimming in the deep waters yet, we’re still in the shallows looking back to shore, rather than figuring out how we’re going to cross the sea. Andy’s just a symptom of that.

Posted by: Blackavar at May 31, 2005 04:44 PM

Does anyone read Sullivan anymore, other than to get stupid, over the top, hysterical sky is falling quotes for their blog entries? (guilty as charged)

Posted by: Captain Holly at June 1, 2005 10:37 AM
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