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February 13, 2005

Vereinigte Staaten Uber Alles!

Some predictions;

Within four years, the so-called democratic republic of the United States will be unrecognizable. Without question, we can expect the destruction of Roe v. Wade, the packing of the Supreme Court with Christian fascist maniacs, the invasion of Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Colombia, to name a few. Even more horrifying is the likelihood that one of the cavalier, oil-sucking exploits will end up in a nuclear exchange.

We can count on a ghastly tanking of the U.S. economy and a government policy of privatization (piratization?) on steroids. Endless versions of and addendums to the USA PATRIOT Act will become the law of the land, and another terrorist attack, deliberately planned, orchestrated and financed by persons in the U.S. government and the energy and financial sectors will almost certainly occur. It will undoubtedly catapult the nation into Code Red and martial law.

The folks who could not grasp the futility of voting for a corporate candidate or a third-party candidate who cannot possibly win have not allowed themselves to comprehend that the Machiavelli-worshipping neoconservatives of the Bush Crime Family will never, I said, will never, turn over this government willingly—not in 2004, not in 2008, not ever.

You can read more about our jolly new state of fascism here.

What I wonder is this. Let's say for argument's sake that they're right, that they aren't paranoid loons, and that the U.S. is ruled by a new fascism. Exactly how do they think this state of affairs will end? If we decide to go fascist, then Europe and Asia will let us do so without a second thought, even though fascist countries are historically aggressive, unpredictable and dangerous neighbors. They won't have any choice, because they don't have the ability to do anything about it. If the 800-pound gorilla you're sharing a cell with decides to start wearing brown shirts and whistling the Horst Wessel song, you damn well let him.

If they're right, and the US is already a fascist nation, there is no entity on the planet powerful enough to reverse that state of affairs. We're screwed. More importantly, they're screwed, because the last thing you want to do in a fascist nation is to take a public stand against the government. That's just begging to be sent to the re-education camps.

One would think those who believe we live under a new fascism would be dedicating themselves to the armed struggle against it, rather than indulging in actions that seem guaranteed to draw the attention of the oppressive oligarchy they are railing against.

That they don't suggests that those who hold opinions like of Professor Baker's are fundamentally unserious people to begin with, or are indulging themselves in emotional rhetoric at the expense of critical thought. One does not defeat fascism though the publishing of passionate essays. Nor will it blink when confronted with non-violent protest. Civil disobedience only works when it is employed within a democratic society. A truly fascist regime will chew up and spit out those who seek to follow the path of King and Gandhi without a second thought.

Update: A key feature of the claim for a new fascism, found in many of the links above, is the idea that the World Trade Center towers weren't brought down as a result of planes crashing into then, since jet fuel doesn't burn hotly enough to melt steel. Rather, it was explosives--planted beforehand--that brought down the towers. Popular Mechanics addresses, and dismisses, those claims here. (lvi)

One should not expect anyone who claims that we're living under a fascist regime to pay attention to the Popular Mechanics article at all. Rather, after some strained mental contortions on their part, the article will instead offer "more proof" of their claims.

Posted by Bigwig at February 13, 2005 04:11 PM | TrackBack
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I can't think of a single fascist government in history (or fascimle thereof) which ever changed governments peacefully every four to eight years. Ever.

One point in particular: Was the US a fascist state before Roe V. Wade? I don't think so; certainly no one here thought it was (I asked my parents and my one of my older sisters after reading that). Of all the arguments I have read back and forth over the issue, that has surely got to be the stupidest statement I have read to date. And I am one of the conflicted persons on this issue, they could possibly convince me. Instead, some of the statements this person makes push me AWAY from their point of view.

If they want to get someone to listen to them, why don't they appeal to our better natures, rather than label everyone who voted against them as fascists?

Posted by: kschlenker at February 13, 2005 06:34 PM

I would like to offer as proof that this is not a fascist regieme.

Exhibit A: the continued existence of Michael Moore.

Exhibit B: Ward Churchill

Exhibit C: Dean, Clinton, Kennedy, Pelosi, Boxer, Sharpton, ........ It simply is not the nature of fascism to be a two party system, or be tolerant of dissent.

Recently, Bush was asked about Massachusetts republicans. He responded by saying, (& I'm paraphrasing), They should have hope, and keep trying & I will support them. (Without skipping a beat, he added) & I hope that's how democrats feel about Texas.

Posted by: Sully at February 14, 2005 04:20 PM

The Twin Towers paranoid conspiracy theory is absolutely unneccessary for the claim of rise of pseudo-fascism. It only gives the opponents ammunition: look, they are loonies!

Read all the stuff linked on the LEFT margin of this blog for a serious treatment:

Posted by: coturnix at February 14, 2005 10:52 PM

If that was serious, liberals are in more trouble than I thought.

Bringing up Abu-Ghraib repeatedly & tying the actions of a few poorly trained weekend warriors to the administration is foolish.

That's like saying that the paid campaign workers for the Kerry campaign who slashed the tires of vans rented by the RNC are representative of all democrats.

Gee, isn't that a form of voter intimidation?

Posted by: Sully at February 15, 2005 08:28 AM
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