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November 03, 2004

God (or Non-Sectarian Creative Force of Your Choice) Bless America

Pretty cool election. I didn't plan to stay up five hours past my bedtime. It just happened. Here's a handful of political thoughts from the last 24 hours:

1) While there is some entertainment value in watching various eyes at CBS News tear-up over this horrific and shocking turn of events, there's no beating the various liberal blogs for anger, denial, blame, conspiracy fantasies, and pure, apoplectic horror. Try the ususal cast of yoyos at Democratic Underground. This stuff brings me joy.

2) Virtually every network's election coverage included some lib heaping mawkish praise on Kerry for conceding an election he obviously lost. Thanks to the work of Gore and flunkies, admitting defeat is no longer an act of gentlemanly behavior, but rather, an act of sacrificial patriotism.

3) Speaking of defeat, let's hear it for Kerry advisor Bob Shrum. With the Boston Red Sox off the proverbial shnide, Shrum fulfills my need for sisyphusian futility. His 0-8 record in presidential elections is more impressive when you realize he had to skip both Clinton wins and send an insulting resignation to Jimmy Carter 10 days into the eventually successful 1976 campaign.

4) It still makes me a bit queasy that 48.4% of our nation consists of losers, freaks, cowards, social panhandlers and people-who-just-don't-get-it. The grown-ups will run this country for four more years, but I don't feel particularly comfortable with the electorate.

5) Wow. Folks really don't like the idea of same-sex marriage.

6) When the Democrats rolled out John Edwards to address a dwindling crowd of dampened libs at about 3:00 AM, they introduced him as "the next vice-president of the United States." Kind of pathetic. He was worthless in the South, and his "Kerry/Edwards will make the crippled walk" speech derailed what could have been a winning issue for Kerry in debate number three. Not since Admiral Stockdale has a wannabe veep done so little for the team.

7) Some person or persons jacked with the exit polls to depress Republican turnout. If you think otherwise, you're either thinking too hard, or more likely, not thinking hard enough.

8) I am pretty darn happy that Erskine Bowles is not my senator. He did run some brutally funny campaign ads, though.

9) John Edwards lost the race for vice-president, and his vacant Senate seat was filled by a Republican. I call this "adding insult to personal injury."

10) If we get even a short period of non-partisan, let's make nice-nice cooperation, it will start circling the crapper the second Bush nominates a judge.

11) Here's a link for those who need it. And if you see Michael Riefenstahl-Moore, tell him to bite me.

Posted by Hrairoo at November 3, 2004 05:56 PM | TrackBack
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On a couple of your points...

1) Dem Underground insanity - I sure hope the Feebs have somebody posing in there as GoreIn04 or HotDemLibChik - some adults need to keep an eye on those crazy bastards. Yeah, their pain brings me joy too, 'til they start shooting people.

2) Kerry's concession speech was pretty classy. Not so the Breck Girl, who started creating a new "we was robbed" mythology with his.

3) Bob Shrum. Hah. The only place colder than his waiting room chairs was Mary Matalin's coffe cup, with a layer of ice after Jim Carville looked at it at breakfast this AM.

5) Resounding repudiation of same sex marriage - evidently, the character in Paris, Texas who said "butt fuckin' don't appeal to me" was onto something. My read isn't that it was a triumph for homophobia - rather, most of the country doesn't want courts (specifically one Mass. court, aided by the full faith and credit clause) to redefine our fundamental social institution by fiat. They probably lack the vocabulary to say it quite that way, but that seems to be the sentiment. We'll prolly get to civil unions sooner or later - but it will have to be by the polls. Do it through polls and the legislature, I think you'll find it's a lot easier for people to handle it. Something about getting bossed around by elderly lawyers, just doesn't set right with people. That, and butt fuckin' don't appeal to me.

6) Johnny Edwards - the unemployed stiff left no footprint anywhere he trod. He made Dan Quayle look like a Jack Johnson-caliber heavyweight. His hair wasn't as good as Quayle's, either.

7) All the polls understated Republican everything. There's been a shift, and only Gallup (which was hammered for "overrepresentation of Republicans in their sample" was close to correct.

8) Erskine Bowles... He and Johnny Edwards will be asking "want fries with that? Supersize it?". Well, not exactly, they are both rich. But still.

9) Burr/Edwards swap - adding Insult to Personal Injury. Hah! Now don't stort in with the puns...

10) "Predict first judicial nomination will end non-partisan friendlieness" - nah, it will end sooner, when Pat Leahy wakes up and takes a dump tomorrow, and realizes it's been nearly 24 hours since he called anybody a "radical right wing religious extremist who wants to return to the days of back-alley abortions." He then proceeds to call a taxi driver, his apartment doorman, and a stray cat by that appellation.

11) "tell Mike Moore to bite me."

Ahh, dude, I wouldn't do that. Not unless you've got a lot of meat to spare.

Posted by: Blackavar at November 3, 2004 11:24 PM

An unworthy post, unlike your normal prose. You may recall Clinton's address the day after when he reminded the world that the USA has only one President.

"48.4% of our nation consists of losers, freaks, cowards, social panhandlers and people-who-just-don't-get-it."

Pathetic. Those words will haunt you in years to come.

I expected better.

Posted by: ExpatEgghead at November 4, 2004 07:58 AM

Have to say I agree with above poster. I mean in almost one breath you say "Thanks to the work of Gore and flunkies, admitting defeat is no longer an act of gentlemanly behavior, but rather, an act of sacrificial patriotism." and then by slapping the 48% of the whole country who voted for Kerry/against Bush, seem to be trying to say that a minor percentage is now somehow a landslide....

I have to say that, as a Republican who voted on security (that is to say, against Bush), I find the prospect that Bush is going to clue in on his mistakes to be prelly low, which is too bad, since his mistakes are going to end up costing us.

For my side of it; the only good thing I see is that Bush will end up having to own his mistakes, rather than having someone clean them up for him, like the rest of his life. We'll see how that hashes out.

The thing that bothers me most is that Osama just got handed another victory...thanks a whooole lot. Anyone who thinks that Bush winning is a blow to Osama and "Global Terror", ain't been watching the game very closely.

Posted by: W. Ian Blanton at November 4, 2004 11:36 AM
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