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June 27, 2004

The Hraka Essentials: A Guide To Our Greatest Hit(s)

Hoist By Their Own Petain* - The post that launched 10,000 emails. Easily the biggest hit in the first two years of Hraka, and the only thing we've ever gotten paid for. Copies of it, attributed and unattributed, appear to this day all over the Internet. At the height of its popularity it appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard and Maxim Magazine.

Unseen History* - Probably the best thing we've done. 20+ years ago my father found a series of previously unknown and unpublished World War two concentration camp photographs, including some from the very first camp liberated by American troops, Ohrdruf. In July of 2003 I started to investigate the stories behind them. The link above is to the first in the series.

Carnival Of The Vanities - One of Hraka's oldest memes, still going strong and spawning new offspring nearly two years after it was introduced.

A Piquant Sauce* - Wherein we attempt to toilet train the Ngnat through bribery. Those with an interest in potty-training posts would probably also like two musical selections from our Westside Potty soundtrack - I Made Poopies! and Urea!

War Butterflies - A Warblogger Manifesto

Sowing The Seeds* - An attempt at answering the question, "Do the the Muslims love their children, too? Sting is mentioned, of course, as are Pre-Incan ritual sacrifices.

Birth Blogging - The first in a number of posts where I blog the delivery of my second child--live.

Take Me Out Of The Ball Game* - A family tradition ends in hysterics.

The Compleat Annoying The Wife* - The posts that convinced one and all that, yes, the woman I married is indeed a Saint. Or a masochist.
The 80 dollar belt - A man of my position expects a certain quality in his clothing accessories
The worm farm - You can buy anything on the Internet.
Hey, BooBoo! -Wherein the wife makes the mistake of pointing out odd objects on the side of the road
Keeper of The Turtles - Ngnat's nickname is explained, and I save an innocent pastry from certain death.
Chirren's Tyrenol - A cold pitcher of gin and recriminations, and Ngnat finds her epidermis confabulatory.
The Revolving Infant Wormhole Ejection Scenario - I fail a number of tests, and employ centrifugal force to entertain a toddler.
Rock-A-Bye-Baby - German ornithologists are the terror of the bird world.
Singing In The Rain - Teaching Ngnat to play in the gutter.
A Dish Served Cold - The revenge of the Sainted Wife
The Andromeda Strain - Ngnat falls ill during the height of the West Nile hysteria
Car Karaoke - I improve upon Annie Lennox
Hambone - The New Kosher Revelation
Good Morning! - Dog turds in the diaper, and an episode of horrible infant cursing.

Culture Jamming* - The first in a number of attempts to render the website of the Saudi Arabian religious police unusable by making the owners helpless with rage.
CJ#2 - Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh discovers the other white meat.
CJ#3 - Terrance and Phillip join a mosque.
CJ#4 - Our shout-out to Troy McClure, wherein Naif bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud asks how to sex a fish.
CJ#5 - Prince Bandar Bin Sultan and his dachshund sandwich.
CJ#6 - Urinalysis
CJ#7 - Ass-tards of Allah
CJ#8 - Dr. Fouad's Internal Urine Removal System
CJ#9 - The Wahabi Way of Marriage, Volume the First: How Not To Leave a Bruise
CJ#10 - The great houri shortage of 2003

Mantis Adolescents - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Bugs

Denoument* - A look into the mind of Saddam after Qusay and Uday are killed.

A Carrot For The Palestinians - The Instapundit hordes came. They saw. They decided I was a dumbass.

The Adventures of Ahmed, Shamir and Omar - The Three Stooges on Jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq

Conversations with Zod* - Everyone has voices in their head. Not everyone has a voice that's obsessed with urine.

Put to the Question* - One of our rare poems, about a little girl and the father who beheads her.

I Eat The Red - You're two years old and you're home all alone--for three weeks.

A House Divided - The case for Kerry in the War on Terrorism. The post that generated a largest reader response in Hraka's history, and indirectly inspired the creation of the Hraka Essentials.

The Burden - Applying Kipling's White Man's Burden to the 21st century. Afterwards I had the temerity to rewrite the poem itself..

The Silflay Hraka Guide to the Birds of the Middle East - The biology and life history of, among others, the Cheese Eating Surrender Parrot, the American Contradictory Eagle, the JewHawk and the endangered Exploding Palestinian ShitBird.

Little Bastard Yasser - Sung to the tune of Little Rabbit Foo-Foo.

Am I Not A Man And A Brother? - Putting a bounty on an Aids cure.

Fishing For Bloggers - The sneaky, underhanded way to market your blog.

The Top 15 State Welfare Queens - Which states return the least bang for the federal government's buck?

The New Perfect Manhood* - Sex Advice from my Grandmother
Vital Facts for Married and Marriageable Men
Why Do Young People Fail?
Social Privileges
A Mutual Understanding in Matters of Sex
Determining Virtue before Marriage
The First Night of Marriage
Facts a Young Husband Should Know
Proof of Virginity after the Consummation of Marriage
Ovulation and Menstruation
Frequency of Sexual Relations
For Procreation Only

Blog Smells - The low road to popularity, taken one digital sniff at a time.

The Money Dance - Wherein we dance topless for your spare change.

Evolution Went Down To Georgia - Teaching creationists to be careful what they ask for.

Poolside Islam - In America, you wear a chador because you want to.

Babar, Psycho King of the Elephants - Exploring the Pulp Fiction of children's literature.

A Scoop of Embarrassment, With Sprinkles of Shame - The joys of public urination.

Every Time a Salesman Quits, An Angel Gets His Wings - Why it is imperative to crush the hopes and dreams of the door to door salesman.

The Silflay Hraka Theory of Self-Vaccination - I pick my nose. You should, too.

The Anthropology of Meaning - The struggle faced by the West when it comes to interpreting Islam.

A Jew Walks Into A Bar - One day, he won't come out.

* - signifies an entry chosen by Hraka's readers, as opposed to one listed due to my overweening vanity

Postscript: What appears above is only a small selection of the total Hraka content produced during our first two years of existence. New links will be added as more posts are nominated/selected to be part of the list. Never fear, we'll make sure you know about it.

Posted by Bigwig at June 27, 2004 03:20 PM | TrackBack
First time visitor to House Hraka? Wondering if everything we produce could possibly be as brilliant/stupid/evil/pedantic/insipid/inspired as the post you just read? Check out the Hraka Essentials, the (mostly) reader-selected guide to Hraka's best posts, and decide for yourself.

How about the early Zod posts? Anything in the Annoying the Wife series. And what was that book you posted for a while?

Posted by: Kehaar at June 27, 2004 04:37 PM

Give me time. Also, let me know which of yours you'd like included.

Posted by: Bigwig at June 27, 2004 04:43 PM

Thank you for putting links to all those treasures in one place. Now I can show my girlfriend why I sometimes randomly fall out of my desk chair laughing.

But... you have a bad link there. The link to "War Butterflies" points to "Piquant Sauce".

Posted by: Greg at June 27, 2004 10:34 PM

P.S. Anything to do with Annoying the Wife is a favorite of mine. :)

Posted by: Greg at June 27, 2004 10:34 PM

fixed :)

Posted by: Bigwig at June 28, 2004 08:47 AM

The link to war butterflies is 404.

Posted by: Andy Freeman at June 28, 2004 10:59 AM

Congratulations...keep up the good work, y'all!!

Posted by: Jack Cluth at June 28, 2004 02:24 PM

Do you have the one about Ngnat and the M&M's during the potty training? I didn't see it.

Posted by: Yomamma at January 6, 2005 10:51 AM

Oops, yes I see now that you do have that included. Sorry!

Posted by: Yomamma at January 6, 2005 10:53 AM
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