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May 07, 2004

A Dragon Of Eden

If anyone in the family, or anyone else for that matter, I suppose, is wondering what to get Scotty for his upcoming first birthday, be advised that he is currently insanely fond of lawnmowers, just really cannot get enough of them. Riding lawnmowers, push lawnmowers--the minute he spies one his attention is fixed. He shouts, bounces up and down, claps his hands, more or less displaying all the behavior of a football fan watching a close home game.

His fascination with them bothers the Sainted Wife, who for the life of her cannot understand his fixation with the machines. Saying "he's a boy," by way of explanation doesn't help much, implying as it does that large parts of the male mind are ineffable, forever beyond the understanding of females.

And this is her son, a being whom she has borne about on her hip for nearly his entire life. If his some of his thought processes are a closed book to her, then what the hell goes on in my mind?

In case you were wondering, "You really don't want to know," is just as unsatisfying an explanation as "he's a boy."

Posted by Bigwig at May 7, 2004 10:10 AM | TrackBack
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At least he wasn't born before lawnmowers were invented. No telling what he'd be fixated on, but I'll bet she's happier with his current fixation than she would be with no fixation at all.

You could point out that it's her fault. He's not expressing any of the bigwig fixations, so the lawnmower is either her nature or her nurture.

Posted by: Andy Freeman at May 7, 2004 11:04 AM

Not sure why but my boy is the same way. A trip to Home Depot does not start until after he has climbed on and sat or attempted to push EVERY one they have on the floor. Mighty smart product placement I might say. He also has the fake Jr size lawnmower. This has been a godsend for the wife. H spends hours just pushing that thing all over the place. Of course, this makes actually cutting the grass a rather long process as I must let him push it beside me before or after I actually cut my grass. He then must painfully watch from inside since I have the fear(for good reason) of flying rocks and lost eyesight! I know of no reason for this except perhaps it is his "attachment" thing in the same way many babies/infants have a blankie or favorite stuffed animal. We never let H get too much of the pacifier so maybe the lawnmover works in the same way.

Posted by: Mason at May 7, 2004 11:39 AM

Heh. I went to college. I took women's studies and developmental psych. I wasn't going to fall for all that gender socializaton crap with my kids.

And then I had boys. Did you know, incidentally, that even flowers can be guns?

Give your sainted wife a copy of Michael Gurian's "The Wonder of Boys". It explained to me why my husband's mind just doesn't work right, from my female point of view.

I see that he's also published a book entitled "What Could He Be Thinking? How a Man's Mind Really Works". Amazon reviews are mixed.

Posted by: Stephanie at May 7, 2004 11:53 AM

If his book doesn't contain the words "beer and sex" at least 100 times, I cry foul. My daughter, the Bug, loves to play on the riding lawn mowers at Lowe's and the lawnmower at home, although after I killed one baby rabbit and sent another one hobbling across the yard nearly cut in two once they jumped out of an all but invisible hole in the ground, I am much less inclined to allow her to watch me mow the yard. I now have visions of her years from today muttering under her breath the quote from Emilio Estevez and Young Guns 2, "Scars......yeah, I got scars."

Posted by: Woundwort at May 7, 2004 01:02 PM

Since men have long known that women's minds are unfathomable (at least until it's far too late), you should point it out to her that it's only fair the process works both ways.

From a suitable safe distance, that is.

Posted by: Sigivald at May 7, 2004 04:24 PM

Nicely summed up.

Posted by: cj at May 9, 2004 03:06 AM
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