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March 24, 2004

Howell Raines: Buggy Whip Manufacturer

A week or so ago I wondered if the culture clash between bloggers and the more established media wasn't actually a symptom of a more specific struggle--between bloggers and editors.

One of the other surprising things I noticed was the depth of bitterness from some of the journalists attending towards journalism as a whole, and the glee with which they regarded the blogosphere's attacks on it--Biased BBC and the ongoing battles with the NYT were mentioned in particular. One or two mentioned attempts to set up reportorial blogs at their papers, attempts that were repeatedly cut off at the knees by the editors.

It made me wonder--are the ongoing clashes between blogs and media not so much a struggle against journalism as they are a struggle against editors desperate to keep their lofty positions in place? Most of the business world began shedding mid-level managers years ago. One of the few places where that type has survived has been in newspapers, for what are editors if not middle management?

It's been observed that there are two types of bloggers, linkers and thinkers.*

I think many people would assume that the friction points in the ongoing blog/media conflict arise between reporters and thinkers, using stories like the Indepundit's discovery of Cynthia McKinney's Arab financial donations on 9/11 as examples of failures that the media would presumably prefer not to be shouted from the rooftops of the Internet.

But when one looks at specific examples of what many bloggers (well, war bloggers, at least) would refer to as textbook examples of conflict, invariably there is an editor at the center of it; Howell Raines, Greg Dyke, even Gail Collins.

When it comes right down to it, the basic responsibility of an editor in a capitalistic media enterprise is to put interesting stories in front of the public--else the enterprise will eventually fail. Howell and Greg thought differently--in their opinion the basic responsibility of an editor was to lead the public by the nose to the truth as the editor saw it. Coincidentally or not, both men are now out of work.

What does a linker do, all day long? He or she puts interesting stories in front of the public--just as an editor is supposed to, and does so at a much quicker pace.

The real conflict between the blogosphere and the media not between the thinkers and reporters, but rather between the linkers and editors.

The world will always have a need for reporters, but in an age where millions of people are derogating to themselves the basic job of an editor, then doing that job not only faster, but for free, the professional editor has to be seen as an endangered species. The basic principles of capitalism would seem to demand it for any position other than copy editor, and that job can be done adequately by almost any spell-check program.

Buggy whip makers were dead the moment the automobile became available to the the masses, though they kicked around for a short while longer. Now that information itself is available to the the masses like never before, how long can it be before editors find themselves walking the same path?

*Here at Hraka we are a bastard version of the two. Hence we're not very good at either of them, being both shallow thinkers and infrequent linkers. Jack of all posts, master of none.

Posted by Bigwig at March 24, 2004 12:50 PM | TrackBack
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In reviewing Howell Raines' Atlantic article for, I found myself becoming angrier and angrier. Raines clearly had a high opinion of himself, a low opinion of his colleagues, and contempt for bloggers in general.

While the big issue of his editorship was the buildup to the war in Iraq, and its beginning, his article was focused on Jayson Blair and various demographics issues, perhaps because they were the proximate cause of his downfall.

But he seems to miss the obvious: that he was switching his focus away from the core focus of quality journalism--recognizing and covering the major stories of lasting importance--towards a focus on the transitory, the entertaining, and demographically correct.

There are main positive things about Raines, although his self portrait is demeaned by the mud he throws at others. Despite his strengths, his overall leadership style leaves much to be desired. His account makes clear that Sulzburger had reason to fire him despite his general reluctance to fire anyone.

Posted by: Rep. Mark B. Cohen at April 15, 2004 02:02 AM
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