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January 06, 2004

Time Heals All Wounds

We have all heard, at some point in our lives, “Time heals all wounds.” It is one of the best examples of drug store advice ever created. The idea is that as time passes the sting of some hurts will lessen. If they do not in fact lessen, then they at the very least become forgotten, or seem less due to more immediate hurts or topics that arise in our lives.

Take 2003 for example. What we felt was so important during part of that year now has faded into the background of our all-too-busy lives. Here are just a few examples of items that we cared about just a few short months ago, that now seem less than important:

1. Hating the French – it seemed as if everyone was jumping on this bandwagon for a while. It was so hip to hate the French that some places even changed the names of their most popular potato items to “Freedom Fries” (agreed, this was beyond lame). Why, even here at Silflay Hraka we profited from the backlash against our allies (ex., Bigwig’s “First Iraq, Then France” bumper stickers). But, with time this has become less important to us and all seems to be forgiven. I think it is most likely due to the fact that they make good wine and seem to be naked more often than we are.

2. The Hunt for WMD – this frantic search conjured up memories of Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth. Both searches appeared to be equally futile. We couldn’t wait to get into Iraq and reveal all of the WMD that Hussein had hidden. Now, I’m not sure anyone really cares anymore. Sure, George, Jr. would like to find some so he can say, “You see, I told you so,” but other than that, even die hard Democrats seem to have let up on this desire, agreeing with the idea that the world is a safer place without Saddam in power, with or without the discovery of WMD.

3. The Matrix II & III – did anyone even see these movies? It seemed like such a big deal when they were coming out, but most people I talked to seemed to think the second one was okay, and the third one blew.

4. J. Lo & Ben – dear God, I am so glad that this fad seems to have worn off. Will they get married? Won’t they? Will Ben’s trip to the strip club end it all? Who the hell cares? The best thing to happen was having Gigli come out. It apparently sucked SO badly that nobody seems to pay much attention to these two these days.

5. North Korea’s nukes – it isn’t as if we have forgotten about them, but the worry seems to have subsided. Perhaps we are feeling good that the crazy fool in charge of that country hasn’t hit the button yet, so that must be a good sign, right? We are guessing now that they are using this whole “nuclear thing” as a bargaining chip to get something else that they want. Pretty effective strategy if you ask me.

6. Michael Jackson is a freak – okay, so some things have remained consistent.

I recognize that there are others, but this was what came to mind on short notice. Feel free to share your examples.

Posted by Woundwort at January 6, 2004 10:49 AM | TrackBack
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"Time heals all wounds." may become "Time wounds all healing." in the hands of the embittered. Anyway, the latter works for me.

Posted by: Richard at January 10, 2004 04:35 PM