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September 17, 2003

Carnival of the Vanities - #52

It's been a year since the Carnival of the Vanites debuted. To celebrate, I'm going to break a cardinal rule of blogging and update this post later on with more of an intro, not to mention thanks all round.

Update: And here it is, like so many posts, crammed in between other, more pressing real life tasks.

Thanks to the vagaries of the calendar, this is the 52 week the Carnival has been posted, but the actual one year anniversary occurs next Thursday, on the 25th, the day after Pathetic Earthlings hosts.

The first Carnival attracted only 15 posts, some of which I had to go beg for. This one attracted over 70, enough that I seriously thought about cutting some of the entries. In the end, my own words prevented me from doing so.

Everyone possesses something of the creative urge, the desire to mold a child of the mind out of inspiration and effort. Children are allowed to express it, to put part of themselves into a misshapen clay ashtray, a lopsided blue house drawn on construction paper, or sparkles and glue on a paper plate. Sometime around the teenage years the urge gets suppressed in many people, or hidden, perhaps as a defensive mechanism. It's hard to see your child derided, laughed at, or ignored, so most of us consciously stop creating them. The urge doesn't go away, it never will, it just finds new avenues, ones that aren't as vulnerable to the criticism of the world.

Who am I to look upon the the child of someone else's inspiration and pronounce it hideous? Why would I wish to have anything in common with Harold Bloom, who may be many things, but is assuredly first and foremost a gigantic asshole?

"He is a man who writes what used to be called penny dreadfuls. That they could believe that there is any literary value there or any aesthetic accomplishment or signs of an inventive human intelligence is simply a testimony to their own idiocy."

God save me from ever even thinking such a thing, for there is nothing so unbecoming as small-minded bitterness. I can't think of am more effective way to inhibit one's own creativity, unless it's being both bitter and drop-dead drunk. Given the blogger necessity to produce content on a regular basis in order to have any readership whatsoever, bitterness, and its twin sister jealousy, are practically mortal wounds when it comes to creativity.

And the sheer quantity of creativity is the most impressive thing about the blogosphere. Given enough quantity, quality inevitably results. It's practically Darwinian.

...just like animals, memes go thru natural selection, and only the fittest survive. The blogosphere was one of the darwinian environments that memes were born and lived in. There were so many bloggers making memes that there were more memes than ever before, and more memes means better memes in the long run. Most of the memes I created, just like most of the memes everyone else created, died. But I would make another one, and people would pass it on, or incorporate it with another meme they were already infected with to make a whole new one. Sometimes I would see the reflection of one that I made in a stronger, more developed one. So some of them lived. The memes that I and the other bloggers created all had to fight with other memes to survive, and the ones that emerged were very powerful.

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, the blogosphere doesn't care about your political inclination, belief system, or anything else that would normally register with the more established media. It cares about ideas. The vast labor of a million ants produces something more than any one of them could ever hope to produce. The vast labor of the blogosphere will produce something similar.

What that will be, I have no idea. I just know that if I, and you, keep plugging away, it will get built.

Here are the links, mostly in the order they were received. First off is Fred, who gets two links because I lost his email.

Fragments from Floyd - Engines of Calamity
I don't know how things are where you live, but around here, if something's broke and you can't fix it yourself, you might as well throw it in a sinkhole and forget it. The day of the 'fix-it' handy man seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird. The unofficial backyard-garage repair shops that use to adorn every neighborhood are disappearing. I've asked around: Who can I take this balky generator to for a carburetor kit? Who sharpens handsaws? Know anybody with a spare Stihl AV26 handle bushing? Nope. Not a clue. The small engines that couldn't are accumulating all across the county.

And Alpha Male ~ Can-do Doggie"Just this once", you may recall, T-man was allowed on the couch. We increased the distance between couch and table so he wouldn't be tempted to take one giant step for puppykind. But alas, he was tempted, he did take the leap across the chasm and when I got up to see what the commotion was, he was hanging from the edge of the table by his front paws, rear legs churning in the emptiness of space with this guilty, terrified look on his innocent-seeming little face.

Hypocrisy & Hypotheses - Trujillo Triumph
After a brief explanation of who I was and my intentions in my broken Spanish, the conversation turned considerably lighter .One of the boys even allowed me to fire his weapon, a M-16, into a nearby tree. The older of the trio had what looked like blue medals on his chest, which I mistakenly took for signs of rank or valor. Upon further inspection, I found them to be Chiquita® banana stickers from a local plantation.

Doggerelpundit - Descent
As slavery serves the slaver, or the pimp,
The burkha and madrassa serve you well.
Young lives you stunt with soul malforming crimp;
For heaven that demands your children?s hell.

Da Goddess- The Ladies' Man
"No skid marks. All that work and NO SKID MARKS! That's crazy!" he yelled to me.

The Eclectic Chapbook - An Errant Globalization Fairy
The controversy swirls around some luftmensch's notion that "Globalization" was somehow responsible for the 9/11 attack. That's a nice abstraction... more like a facile label.

Notables - The Traitor Tune
If you criticize the White House, you're a fool.
Nothing more than an Al Qaeda pal and tool.
If you criticize the White House,
If you criticize the White House,
If you criticize the White House, you're a fool.

All American - Living Next Door to Lazarus
I am living in the lap of love, and that casual despair I cultivated as a young man is just starting to look so obsolete and uninformed.

Dissecting Leftism - Eugenics
President Woodrow Wilson signed New Jersey’s sterilization law, and one of his deputies descended to greater fame as a Nazi collaborator at Buchenwald. Pennsylvania’s legislature passed an 'Act for the Prevention of Idiocy,' but the governor vetoed it .... Other states, however, joined the crusade. ... Eventually, the eugenicist virus found a hospitable host in Germany.

See The Donkey -
I had started off Gilligan but ended up Mr. Howell.

Dean's World - Southern Democrats
Once in office, Nixon expanded civil rights laws, social spending in black communities, and Affirmative Action programs. Despite all this, those evil racist southerners voted for him again, in even greater numbers, in 1972.

IMAO - Frank Predictions: The Democrat Presidential Primary Debate
Joe Liberman will try to convince the Democrats he's crazy enough to be their nominee by biting the head off a live bat. He will somehow make the act extremely boring.

Silent Running - To Everyone Else, He's Just A Musician

But before he became 'The Man in Black', John R. Cash was a 'Man in Blue'. During his single enlistment tour with the Air Force, Johnny Cash was a Cold Warrior. Most biographies that mention his service either gloss over it quickly, or mention at most that he was a 'radio operator'.

Cash was more than a radio operator. Oh, he did that - but actually he was a Morse op. A ditty bop. A spook. Working the front lines of the Cold War, keeping the Soviet Bear at bay, doing a very thankless, tedious, and sometimes frustrating and boring job.

Judicious Asininity - What Our Families Are Hearing From Our Soldiers in Iraq
The province of Diyala continues to evolve from an oppressed to a free state. We have councils established in all of our cities and the tribal leaders are stepping up to the plate to take responsibility for their people’s actions. The road has been rough, but the people are beginning to embrace their liberty. There are several patriots that I deal with to solve problems in the province. Like our forefathers, these men are standing up to those that oppose freedom in order to make Iraq a better place to live.

Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love - T-Minus One Hour
All I needed to do now was succinctly said by my future father-in-law: "Your part is easy, Matt. You're like the lamb being led to the slaughter."

Winds of Change - Nanotech Introductions
Many of you have probably seen the recent HP commercial about nanotechnology. Some of you may be wondering just what this stuff is all about.

CalBlog - That Confusing Ballot
Perhaps we can send out a sample ballot to everyone, say, a month before, so they can study it at their leisure. They could even mark it up and bring it to the voting booth. Better yet, maybe we could give them the option of mailing their ballot in so they can skip the harried voting booth altogether.

Wait. We already do all that.

WriteOutLoud - That Email Time of Year, Thankfully
This year, though, I’m not gearing up, I don’t have a faculty mailbox, I’m not teaching anybody anything, and we can’t meet for lunch. Thanks to state budget cuts, I’ve been laid off. Labor Day weekend, I developed what I can describe only as a case of the bends, brought on by the time of year and all those damned Back To School ads on TV and in the newspapers.

Outside The Beltway - 2-YEAR A.A.R.
The economy: He's zealously commited to tax cuts. Tax cuts solve all problems. And the economy can get you un-re-elected (see Dad), so you have to do stuff to pretend that you're trying to fix it, even though you're pretty sure it won't work.

The Road To Surfdom - It's The Terrorism, Stupid
...the UN should stop frigging around and quickly resolve to help the US in Iraq; that Australia has a moral obligation to send whatever help it can, up to and including troops; that Australians who supported the war have now simply abandoned the Iraqi people; and that it really is now all about terrorism.

The SmarterCop - Disaster Buffet
Then there's the Pacific Northwest. The occasional earthquake is bad enough, of course - the unsettling feeling you get when your world is suddenly going back and forth violently would be enough to keep me away. Add to that one of the lovely mountains of the Cascade range that could, at any time, decide to blow its top off and spew oceans of hot lava and mud around and on top of you with little chance or ability to run.

Rhetorica - My Personal Hell
Well, my personal hell will involve watching K Street non-stop. I'd rather roast in fire and brimstone.

This show is so bad it is unwatchable. But, because it so closely connects with the subject of this blog and my academic work, I have no choice but to watch it. I'm in for 12 weeks of hell. I refuse to abandon all hope; perhaps HBO will cancel it.

Ravenwood's Universe - All-Male Military College Will Probably Raise Ire
But private institutions built with private funds should be free to practice gender discrimination should they so choose. CNN reports that some military academy graduates are planning just such an institution. Media whores like Martha Burk are sure to get their panties into a bind over such a plan, and moving it forward may prove to be more difficult than they expect. Local officials are already whispering about whether or not such an institution would be welcome in their back yard.

A Single Guy In The South - The Single Southern Guy Brand
The names of our sites and the actual URL addresses shape people’s initial perceptions of the content they might find there. Instapundit suggests breaking news and commentary. A Small Victory suggests sharp biting that eats away at different forms of ridiculousness in the world. The Speculist brings to mind speculation about things and things to come. Gut Rumbles lends itself to an image of raw, uncensored vitriolic rants. Even the designs of the sites contribute to their branding. The Dax Files with its camouflage reminds us that Dax is a Georgia boy and familiar with the country. The pin-up pictures on Liquid Courage bring images of off duty troops at a saloon getting their doses of liquid courage before ending up in an all out brawl. Gawker with its two-column design and various colors feels like New York City gossip.

Curiosity - Me and Toad
Well, the thing is, the way we improve stuff is piecemeal. Bit by bit. We don't improve our lives by making one giant step forward every couple months. No no. We inch forward day by day. It's small, gradual improvement over time that gets somewhere. Improvement is not negligible. It's improvement. It's better. resisting small improvements is exactly the wrong thing to do.

Virtue Pure - On Insurance
While it's true that insurance does cost money, it has more effect than just gambling. Buying insurance causes wealth redistribution from the fortunate to the unfortunate, with a guarantee that if you are unfortunate wealth will be redistributed to you. (Insurance prices also include a fee to the insurance company to pay for organising the whole thing, but that is only natural.)

Sneakeasy's Joint - Prompting Myself To Write
It is a space for creativity to sprout from. - Inquiring Minds, And So Forth
Imagine there's no hairpiece
I wonder if you can
No fear of rainstorms
Or the ceiling fan
Imagine all the voters
Laughing at your rug....
You may say that you're balding, but you're not the only one,
I hope some day you'll realize that you're not fooling anyone.

Cold Spring Shops - The Aviation Quiz
It is difficult to select something other than the Wright Flyer as of greatest significance, since in its absence all the rest of the list would have evolved differently. But the Wright Flyer is not an innovation as most of economics understands it, as there was neither commercial introduction nor diffusion of Wright Flyers into military or commercial aviation.

The Inscrutable American - Sweden
What I (and I'm sure many others) have noticed that when countries have these referendums is that the polticians are bent on forcing their ideas down the throats of people and keep holding referendums until people give in and vote yes or just don't vote at all.

PeakTalk - Regicide
Let the Palestinians take matters into their own hands and get rid of Arafat themselves if they want to have a shot at a better future.

The Well-Timed Period - Something For Men
The distinct possibility that in the near future, sexual intercourse (at least, for procreative purposes) will become obsolete. So, what will happen to the eugenicists' dreams?

Meryl Yourish - G. Mighty Snake Hunter
But this time, you'd have thought that G. and I were the souls of recklessness and Heidi was a mass of phobias. Because the snake was really bothering her, especially as none of us knew what kind it was, or if it was venomous, and, well, we didn't exactly have Steve Irwin-level experience catching snakes, either.

A Fearful Symmetry - A Murder, The Euro, And Confronting The Extremes
It's certainly conceivable that a right-wing nationalist could have assassinated Ms. Lindh, but if she was murdered by a person of the far left (which seems far more likely), and in particular a person who targeted her because, after Pim, elements of the European extreme left may have decided that violence is the ultima ratio in high-profile elections, then Europe must cease with the status quo and begin to address questions of extremism at the political fringes.

Little Miss Attila - Vanity, Pressed
But what I really dig* is when I follow the link back on my referral log to find that another blogger visited me after finding me on his/her own referral list. It's like the chapter in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass when Alice comes across the Red King, asleep. Tweedledum and Tweedledee inform her that he's dreaming about her. They also tell her she doesn't really exist, that she's only something in the Red King's mind.

The Dax Files - Big Brothers Are Assholes
He got about thirty yards away, and I let my spear loose. I have that slow motion memory so vivid in my head now. That spear sailed through the air. The middle of the spear was wobbling and flexing all the way…. Into the instep on that little bastard’s shoe.

The People's Republic of Seabrook - Think Of The Most Terrible Thing Imaginable...And You're Not Even Close
I cannot begin to account for nor imagine the sheer terror that would drive someone to leap to their deaths from as much as 107 stories above ground. Perhaps that is what I still find so traumatizing about 9.11. No matter how terrible I think it was, no matter how much I think I understand, I inevitably discover something even more terrible and impossible to understand than I could have imagined.

On The Third Hand - Our Day Of Remembrance & Renewal Of Purpose
Nobody else should ever have to suffer this kind of assault, but we did. We must do everything in our power to ensure that the evil and treacherous extremists are never again loose in the world to wreak havoc, pain, and destruction.

Quibbles And Bits - The Heroes Arrive
The last group of them arrived, hard-bitten, covered in soot and ash. They still wore their heavy coats and helmets, although some had taken off their helmets to gawk at the wondrous beauty they beheld. They approached God. He extended his hand to the first, a rough looking man with Fire Chief markings on his helmet.

ham fisted theatrics - At What Point Does It Officially Become College?
At the point when you're sitting at two AM, in your underwear, in a room with two sleeping roommates, trying to scrape every last bit of peanut butter out of a jar with a knife you stole from the dining hall, and not placing that peanut butter on some bread because you don't have any, but just eating it, and since there are no lights on you hold up the jar towards the window and peer down into it with one eye closed, letting the glow of New York streets outside filter in and tell you where there's still peanut butter and where there's just jar, and as you scrape, the pilfered knife making little lines at the bottom, you start to think that these lines, their pattern, maybe because it's two AM, look not unlike an artist's rendering of a vagina, like some modern feminist peanut butter sculpture you might have seen at the Whitney the other night, and for some reason then you start to think about the kids you're going to have someday, and telling them about your glorious years in the big city, and somehow this moment, and its silence, its underwear and socks and implications of female genitalia composed solely of peanut butter and streetlight, seems important to remember and relate.

Trish Wilson's Blog - Father's Rights Activists Linked To Bomb Hoaxes
The obvious question: why the hell would these men "regularly receive" letters from child support enforcement agencies? Because they have not been paying child support, often for many months! These are not dads facing hard financial times who are unable to pay. These refuse to pay. They don't want to give the bitch one thin dime, and if they do, they want an accounting of every penny. Willful refusal to follow a court order to pay child support is what lands these guys in jail, if they end up there. It is a fathers' rights perpetrated myth that debtor's prisons are alive and well in America today, and that "beatdead dads" who cannot pay end up in jail.

Discriminations - Partisan Court(s)
One of the strongest defenses of the majority in BvG is that Article I, Section 4, of the Constitution authorized state legislatures to set rules and regulations governing elections. The Florida Supreme Court did not interpret those rules; it set them aside and substituted new rules, extending some deadlines, ignoring others, etc. The intervention of the Supreme Court, on this view, was necessary to rein in a runaway, clearly partisan lower court.

Turning now to the 9th Circuit, Article 2, Section 15(b), of the California constitution provides that recall elections are normally to be held between 60 and 80 days after the requisite number of signatures have been certified by the Secretary of State, but that deadline can be extended to 180 days in order to consolidate the recall election with the next scheduled election. In other words, the Calif. constitution mandates that recall elections must be held within 180 days of the certification of signatures.

You Big Mouth, You! - I Hate George Bush!
The Republican Party chose, deliberately, not to pursue fraud and misconduct in Minnesota, Missouri and New Mexico, that could have changed the vote counts in those states. The fraud and misconduct in Missouri were so flagrant that I am surprised the Republicans could refrain from court challenge.

Viking Pundit - California Schemin?
All the polls are closed
And we still have Gray
The court shut ‘em down
We can’t have our say
“You’re too dumb to vote”
“Cause you live in L.A.”
California Schemin’
On such an autumn’s day

Mercurial - Latino vs Hispanic
The Hispanic term is insulting, and it is the result of political agreements and the desire of some to be seen as pure, Spanish, as opposed to Latinoamericanos. On the celebration of the 500 years of the Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the emphasis was placed on what Europe, and particularly Spain, had brought to the new continent, America (No, America is the whole continent, not just the country north of Mexico), while minimizing the huge cultural contributions, disregarding the history and forgetting the genocide that said "conquest" meant.

And now, we all get listen to political groups trying to identify themselves with Hispanics, while ignoring the potential insult that such a word carries, and the negation of all that is from America, the continent.

Admiral Quixote's Roundtable - Incompetence Rewarded
With the help of the main plaintiff – the ACLU – these three judges said the recall election has to be delayed until March when better vote-counting equipment was installed in parts of California. So, Governor Davis has been in office for more than one full term. As governor, he is ultimately responsible for ensuring his state can conduct fair elections. He does such a bad job as governor that people launch a recall election. And the Ninth Court says Davis gets at least six more months in office because he was too incompetent to ensure fair elections?

Snooze Button Dreams - Don't Bogart That Joint, Dude
It seems that the Canadian courts ordered that "patients should not be forced to get their marijuana from drug dealers on the streets" so Health Canada (motto "Socialized medicine at its finest!") gave a C$5.75 million (about $4.2 million real dollars) contract to have government weed grown. The problem (assuming our heads are far enough up our rectums not to notice any glaring problems yet) is that the weed blows. Comments from the first users include "Disgusting" and "It's totally unsuitable for human consumption".

The government of Canada spent C$5.75 (The "C" stands for "counterfeit", by the way) million to grow bad weed. How do you grow weed that is that bad? A good start would be to grow it "deep underground in a vacant mine section in Flin Flon, Manitoba". Yes, that's right. They are growing a crop of plants in an abandoned mine. While this might be a reasonable step for somebody trying to grow a cash crop of marijuana in the States, it does not seem quite so intelligent when you note that in this case the crop is not only legal but being grown under a government contract.

The Gunther Concept - Is Bush A Moron II: Analysis of the 2000 Debates
I recently introduced a continuing project to analyze George W. Bush’s speech patterns in order to address the question of whether he is or is not a moron. More precisely, what I hope to accomplish is an objective analysis of Bush’s speaking ability and style, and either verification or refutation of the hypothesis that he has some difficulty in this area.

Rightward Reasonings - Interesting
According to the AP, China has put roughly 150,000 soldiers on its border with North Korea.

That's roughly as many soldiers as we used to invade Iraq

Jay Solo's Verbosity - Question of the Week
A beautiful, Earth-like planet is discovered. It has no indigenous sentient population equivalent to humans or prehumans. It has native animals analagous to ours. All in all, it is safe and ripe for settlement.

An ark ship with a handwavium drive that will get you there within a few years is being built and will be ready soon. You have the opportunity to go.

Do you?

Interested-Participant - Terrorism Class
..... when you read or hear of a strong liberal bias in academia, think of this example. Thomas College is teaching that we should understand and have feelings for the murderers of 9/11. Whether they are understood and whether or not someone has feelings for them will not change the eventual resolution of the conflict between Western civilization and the Osama Bin Laden terrorists. The terrorists will be eradicated.

The Eleven Day Empire - An Open Letter...
You apparently were not aware of this, preoccupied as you were with balancing your checkbook and paying your bills while riding on a public vehicle, but because of the angle at which you were sitting, and the position in which you were holding your checkbook, I was able to easily read, without craning my neck or making any special effort at all, your name, address, phone number, and checking account number, off of your checks.

brainstorming - 911 Fundraiser
What idiot U.S. politician would have the gall to hold a $1,000 a plate fundraiser from 8:30 to 9:30 AM on the morning of SEPTEMBER 11, the second anniversary of the attack on America??

Why the U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D) from Washington, of course.

The Sake Of Argument - Death of a Culture
For many Americans, Indians are more known for cheap cigarettes, alcoholism, and gaudy casinos than anything honorable. Is this really what AIM wants for the future of the American Indian movement?

Layman's Logic - What's A Libertarian Approach To (Potential) Externalities?
I've been away a few days, and from the sound of it a neighbour has bought a bushel of monkeys during that time. The sound from the monkeys is a standard issue externality - if it imposes costs on me, it's a form of pollution, and subject to standard analyses. However, what about the heightened risk of exposure to Ebola, or other exotic diseases? If the monkeys can be kept quiet, should I still have a problem with them?

Sharp Blue - Relativity, FTL And Causality
Notice that we've arranged for Dave to receive the signal from Carol as he's flying past Alice. Notice too that he receives it before Alice has sent her first signal! This means that Alice can transmit information into her own past by way of Bob, Carol, Dave, some spaceships, and two pairs of ansibles. And that's why faster than light travel or communication, special relativity and causality cannot coexist.

Where Worlds Collide - The Channel Tunnel Rail Link
The Japanese were building them in the 1960s. The French have had them for twenty years, and the Germans for ten. Now we have the first dedicated high-speed rail line in Britain. A whole 46 miles long!

After speeding along the French LGV from Paris to Calais, and through the Channel Tunnel, trains between Paris and London will be using this new line to save about 20 minutes in their journey to London. And they they'll come to the end of it, and complete their journey along winding and congested commuter lines round south London to reach the terminus at Waterloo.

As an aside, I'm sure Waterloo was chosen as the initial terminus purely to piss off the French

Wizbang - Crazy Lots
For some reason "the code" is a magic line upon which local governments abdicate responsibility for having any semblance of critical though. If you read the article you will notice that not one government official thinks that the plan should be disallowed. The attitude seems to be if it complies with the code (which they admit does not foresee such bastardization) then it gets rubber stamped - good idea or not.

The Raving Atheist - Saudis Ban "Jewish" Barbie
Mattel Corp., the manufacturer of the popular doll, decried the CPVPV’s statement as biased. “The Saudis’ criticism of our Jew-doll reek of anti-Semitism,” said a company spokeswomen Hannah Rabinowitz. “Barbie Finkelstein is a wholesome and modest Hebraic figurine of faith.”

Mattel noted that Barbie belongs to an orthodox Hassidic sect which prohibits men and women from so much as shaking hands and segregates them at religious services. “Furthermore, Barbie has smooth plastic where her vagina would be,” said Rabinowitz. “There’s not even a slit, much less a hole.”

Sportsblog - First Down Line - How Does It Get There?
Do you know it takes 8, count 'em, 8 computers and four employees working and crunching simultaneously together to project the first down line marker that football fans have grown to depend on and take for granted?

Gut Rumbles - Krystal
WARNING!!! NEVER pass out face-first into a plate of grits.

I saw that happen once, and I believe that the person who did it would have drowned if someone hadn't grabbed him by the hair of the head, turned his neck at a 45-degree angle and laid his cheek right back down in the grits. "He's okay now," the fellow said. "He can breathe." We all continued eating breakfast, assured that no one was going to die in a plate of grits that night.

Proveritate - Principle or No Principle?
Democrats are always complaining about President Bush supposedly taking us back to the Reagan times of huge budget cuts and wasteful military spending.

Senators Corzine and Kennedy just want us to stay there and never leave, because state taxes were higher then and high taxes are always a good thing.

Newmanisms - Democrat Debate Turns to Bushwhacking
Dennis Kucinich: "My favorite song is definitely the Oompa-Loompa song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate know the one! OOMPA LOOMPA OOMPITY DO I'VE GOT ANOTHER TAX HIKE FOR YOU..."

Moderator: "That's not how it goes Mr. Krochich."

Kucinich: "Oh...well.....................DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!"

Feste, A Fool's Blog - Something Completely Different
The end of Summer is long, hot and lovely in the Bay sudden change or flashly foilage...summer simply trails away into winter. A small sample from my garden ...a medley of clematis, penstemon and tomatoes entertwined on a twig trellis... fairy-like gaura dancing above white damask roses...burnished stripey patterns projected onto a cat enjoying the sunset...dew clinging to blossoms eagerly awaiting the sun...a whiskered black and white cat gingerly picking her way over a wet path.

Boots And Sabers - 9th Circuit Strikes Again
These voting machines were good enough to elect Davis, re-elect Davis, elect Gore (in California), elect the entire legislature, elect all of the mayors, and on and on and on for years and years and years and now - only now - are they "unfit."

They may be less accurate than other methods, but should every election be postponed every time a machine is found to be defunct? Should we all just let our elected officials sit in office indefinitely until the perfect system is developed?

Bad Money - Loonies (A Filthy Lie)
Loony: If elected, I promise to make Wonder-Bras the new official currency.

Harv: And if you lose?

Loony: Then I'll nuke France until it smells better.

Right We Are - Stop Turning America Into Mexico!
Oh, we are suppose to put the report cards in Spanish because you are too lazy to learn English??? I'm sorry but we need to stop giving in to this kind of crap - this is the United States of America and many people live here from all over the world and it would be stupid to try and translate everything to every language.

Catholic Pundits - Triune God Creates Tripartite Man!
I have seen a lot of confusion between the words “soul” and “spirit” in that many people use these words interchangeably as if they mean the same thing. They don’t. Not that everyone at this site has the same misunderstanding, but I suspect that some of our readers do and I have therefore comprised this post to deal with the definitions of these terms and in fact, a picture of Man as depicted in the Bible.

Uncategorical - %

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Happy Anniversary, Bigwig!

Thanks for creating this wonderful forum that spreads the word about the wonders of the Bloggerverse!

I plan on finding my dream "place to write" once I win the Lotto, but in the meantime I have my dream. :-)

I slightly changed the title of the piece from "Prompting Myself to Write", but since THAT is what I'm doing don't change a thing!

Here's looking forward to year 2!

Posted by: Kiril at September 17, 2003 02:23 AM

Hey there. Thanks for the hard work getting these together. I do have one question, being that I am fairly new to blogging, how does one submit something to the Carnival? Another new blogger thought that one had to be invited and we just wanted to get the scoop on how it is run. Thanks for your time.

Posted by: Casey at September 17, 2003 06:36 AM

Nice layout! I like the method of quoting part of each entered post.

Posted by: Jay Solo at September 17, 2003 08:12 AM

Nice work and congrats on the anniversary of a great idea! Thank you, Bigwig!

Posted by: Blackfive at September 17, 2003 09:51 AM

Happy anniversary, Bigwig! BTW (since you mentioned it on my blog), the reason I recopied the post is that the original appeared on my old blog. I switched to TypePad this week and want to redirect traffic to my new site.

Thanks so much for the link. I hope to submit a post on your second anniversary.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at September 17, 2003 10:59 AM

Kewl. Happy blogday to you. Now if I could just reach out and give you a digital ass whack in observance of your special day. *Smack!* Oh, hey, I guess I can.

Posted by: Ryan at September 17, 2003 11:21 AM

Where's Ngnat's entry?

Posted by: Eric Jablow at September 17, 2003 11:38 AM

Happy Anniversary, Bigwig!

Posted by: Rhesa at September 17, 2003 12:09 PM

Hi Bigwig,

As a new blogger I very much appreciate this forum. Happy Anniversary and Thank You!

Speaking of being new, I tried to link to this by the trackback URL and it didn't work. Apparently trackback doesn't work like a normal link? Any clues from more experienced bloggers?


Posted by: DC at September 17, 2003 01:05 PM

Can there be a greater pride than to see one's creation take on a life of its own?

Posted by: acline at September 17, 2003 01:06 PM

I am a fan of the Carnival. I look forward to it each week and usually find a few nuggets to laugh at and a few "keepers" that I visit regularly. But it's success may become it's downfall. Hosting the carnival seems a difficult task collecting 70! entries, (I assume) actually reading them, building a blog entry to offer them up, and (again, assuming) testing each of the links. As a software guy, I'd build a web-app to collect submissions. But for a non-geek, this would be out of the question. To make it less daunting, I would suggest capping the number of entries, and limit the participants to only 1/month. Good bloggers will attract their readership this way, and keep them by doing what they normally do - providing compelling content. I use the Carnival of a way to find parts of the living web that I wouldn't find under normal surfing. If I like the voice, I will continue visiting.

Posted by: MojoMark at September 17, 2003 03:49 PM


Posted by: A at September 17, 2003 05:35 PM

Uh oh, you spelled Michele's name with two 'l's... :)

Posted by: Jason at September 17, 2003 08:08 PM

Well done, Bigwig. Happy anniversary, and thanks for incorporating the late entry.

Posted by: Velociman at September 17, 2003 08:30 PM

I have no idea what you are talking about, Jason. :)

Posted by: bigwig at September 17, 2003 08:33 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And congratulations on your creation's first birthday!

Posted by: Little Miss Attila at September 17, 2003 10:10 PM

Happy Anniversary!

Wonderful idea, beautifully executed.

May there be many, many, many more! Ideas and years. Or something like that.

Posted by: Da Goddess at September 18, 2003 12:10 AM

The updated Intro was VERY special, and thoughtful. :-)

Posted by: Kiril at September 18, 2003 01:22 AM

Niccceee pagee

Posted by: Creno at February 20, 2004 08:34 AM
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