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August 20, 2003

Whip It Out

Fumentos: The Fresh Fray Maker

"Bill Quick" - 24,500 search results

"Silflay Hraka" - 10,200 search results

"Michael Fumento" - 5,210 search results

My guess as to the reason for the latest blog tempest is that Mr. Fumento has discovered, like many before him, that picking fights spikes one's traffic numbers. In short, he's a traffic troll.

For all he talks about how many hits the sites his columns appear on get, that's due to the popularity of the sites themselves rather than overwhelming hordes of Fumento groupies storming the portals in search of his latest scribblings. I suspect deep in his heart of hearts he knows this, despite his chest-pounding to the contrary.

If Mr. Fumento really is that popular, proving it is easy. All he has to do is put a publicly accessible web counter on his front page. Until then, he's the Internet equivalent of the guy who talks endlessly about cock size, yet never unzips his pants if there's anyone else in the room.

Posted by Bigwig at August 20, 2003 11:50 PM | TrackBack
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This is why I keep coming back... LOL!

Posted by: Lorelei at August 21, 2003 08:24 AM

Nice closing line. I shall remember it and steal it one day.

Posted by: Conrad at August 22, 2003 06:45 AM

This is a comment I made on another blogsite about the "Fumento controversy," but it fits here, too.

The old expression "If the shoe fits wear it" has a corollary; if the shoe doesn't fit," don't wear it. I am on record as saying that 99 percent of blogs get almost no traffic outside of their own little sphere. Other than Hailey's "Shots Across the Bow" I am on record as putting nobody in that 99 percent. I don't go around checking other people's blog logs. In your look at my website hits, you're making exactly the same mistake other bloggers are making. You're treating ME as a blogger. I'm a newspaper and magazine writer and author who happens to post his material on his website and very occasionally publish some comments. The same bloggers in those 99 percent also never publish outside their blogsite, whereas some in the one percent like Reynolds and Sullivan do. Since I don't even HAVE a blogsite, it hardly seems fair to measure my "blogsite" hits but rather to look at my exposure elsewhere. I am a syndicated columnist. I go out to 400 newspapers a week, of whom a varying percentage pick up my column. But one of those papers alone has over three million readers and many have hundreds of thousands. Assuming only a small portion of those readers actually flip to the op-ed page, I could still have a hundred thousand "hits" per day. That's not counting that over a dozen newspapers sites such as and also automatically carry me. I doubt if there's more than a couple of blogsites in the country that get more hits than they do. So while it's impossible to say how many readers I do get, it is possible to say it utterly swamps that 99 percent. BUT that pretty much is true for most of the writers with my syndicate (although I find some to be rather boring, so I would hope I get my readers than they do.) There isn't the least doubt that my friend Michelle Malkin, with 100 newspapers, gets more hits than any blogsite in the country. The point is, you can't even begin to compare the readership of a nationally syndicated columnist with that 99 percent of which I spoke. Like Hailey, their shots are into the wind. They're basically writing online diaries and many are damned mad at me for pointing it out. I can handle it; PETA is damned mad at me for having criticized their animal testing position last week

and as of today NOW will be damned mad at me for saying women have a right to choose silicone gel implants.

Have I EVER complained about people keeping diaries? No. It's when they get so self-important like Hailey did and some of his friend bloggers that I made my comments. Trust me, I'd much rather fry such fish as PETA and NOW.

Mike Fumento

Posted by: Michael Fumento at August 22, 2003 12:09 PM

You just don't get it and never will. BLOGGERS measure their self-worth by visits to their page. That a hit may be half a second or half an hour is irrelevant. Journalists measure their success in other ways. That I'm nationally syndicated is one way. That my column goes out to over 400 newspapers is another. That my most recent column was picked up by both the NYPost and the Chicago Sun-Times, with a combination of over 5 million readers right there, is another. That I've been printed repeatedly in the Wall Street Journal, the New Republic, National Review and Reader's Digest is another. That I've had a major piece in The Atlantic is another. That one of my columns became the source material for a column in a recent issue of Time is another. That I have five books to my name is another. My web page is nothing but an open archive for people to read my current and past articles, with a tiny little bit of space devoted to occasional comments. That you would ignore all of the above in favor of "hits" on a website shows just how utterly ignorant you are of how the real world works. Nobody cares about you and your hits but you and a few fellow bloggers. That's a few thousand people. I doubt if there's a single newspaper that carries me that has a circulation that small. So blog away into the stratosphere or blogosphere or whatever. Nobody cares any more than they care about local access TV. If you can write, you publish (and like Andrew Sullivan maybe blog as well). If you can't publish, you blog and measure your worth by how many times somebody clicks your screen -- or if that fails, your proclaimed penile size. How pathetic.

Michael Fumento

Posted by: Michael Fumento at August 27, 2003 12:16 PM

If the ip addresses weren't the same, I would wonder if that second comment had come from an imposter, Mike. You on a down cycle today?

And my stuff has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, and Maxim Magazine, so waving your citations in front of my face isn't going to impress me. I'm one of your heralded 1%, though I'll forgive you for not knowing so.

My point was, and still is, that content on the net is statistically comparable. I'm not comparing print articles, I'm comparing websites. The fact that you feel the need to constantly denigrate what is an Internet wide measurement, one used by not only bloggers, but by the vast majority of businesses and organizations with sites on the net, naturally conjures up the suspicion that it's a measurement unhelpful to your claims of widespread fame.

You could dispell such a notion, but you haven't chosen to. I merely pointed out to denigrate the measurement without providing comparable data of your own wasn't quite cricket. An analgous comparison would be if I talked shit about someone's batting average, yet refused to step up the plate and take a swing at the ball myself.

Of course, to provide the best analogy to the current situation I would then have to become abusive to the person who had pointed this failing out to me.

Don't you think it at least a tiny bit odd to attack bloggers as unimportant, yet to have spent so much time doing so? Why bother? None of this is important in the least. Certainly not to me, though I'll admit to a slowing down to look at the wreck kind of fascination with the whole brouhaha, as I do whenever I run across an Internet bitchslapping session.

Whether you think of your site as blog or not, you're certainly acting like many a blogger before you.

Posted by: Bigwig at August 27, 2003 01:36 PM
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