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July 15, 2002

The Relative Value of Bloggers.

The Relative Value of Bloggers.

I forget why, but the other day I did a google search on Instapundit. It’s not like the Professor has a easily forgotten url, and I’ve got a link to it right there on the left. I’m sure he appreciates both of the readers we’ve sent his way.

What caught my eye was the results. There on the right was an ad, not for Glenn Reynolds, but for Oliver Willis' weblog. My curiosity piqued, I then did a search on “Glenn Reynolds”, which gave me an ad for Glenn Frazier. “Little Green Footballs”?. Glenn Frazier again! Curiously, or maybe not, Mr. Willis and Mr. Frazier did not buy ad space for searches on “Oliver Willis" or “Glenn Frazier”.

Now here was an idea. I could stop spending a lot of energy whoring for links or brown-nosing beings higher in the blogosphere ecosystem than Silflay. Which, I must point out is EVERYONE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE ECOSYSTEM, not that I’m bitter. I figure I waste less than two hours a day on various Wile E. Coyote schemes to get into the blogosphere ecosystem. Yes, I realize all I have to do is fill out a form. It just seems like begging, and a man has his pride. I could also concentrate on gradually building a readership by writing really good, thought-provoking and humorous posts, but in all honesty, that doesn’t really play to my skills, now does it?

So through the magic of Google, I could just pony up the bucks and ride the rocket to fame by advertising. It’s the American way, after all. I decided then and there that if I didn’t take out an ad on Google promoting Silflay Hraka, then the terrorists had won. The only question was, who is the best value? Is it Instapundit, even though I’d be lower on the page than Mr. Willis? Maybe USS Clueless would be a better buy, I could go for the heavy-lifting deep thought crowd. Not that they’d stay long once they got here.

Mr. Willis and Mr. Frazier look like they're using Google’s AdWords progam, which allows you to create the content for a little green box that appears to the right of searches. You get four lines, two of which end up being urls and two taglines to summarize your site. I settled on “The Internet, regurgitated.” And “mmmmmmm……predigested”. The only question was "who to buy"? Over the long run, in this case 1000 page views, everyone is equal. Fifteen bucks will buy you ad space for those searches. However, instant gratification junkie that I am, I wanted something quick, something that will give a nice little pop to the site stats at the end of the month. Luckily, Google allows me to compare, estimating how much each keyword I select will cost me over a day, a week, and a month.

Silflay Hraka – Estimated impressions per day 0, Estimated cost per day $0.00

Okay, well, no surprises there.

Instapundit – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Glenn Reynolds – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Little Green Footballs – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Jane Galt – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
The Truth Laid Bear – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Lileks – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Ken Layne – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Matt Welch – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00
Vodka Pundit – Estimated impressions per day - 0, Estimated cost per day: $0.00

Well, this is depressing. Maybe this isn't costing Oliver and Glenn Frazier the money I thought it was. Surely there’s one damn name in the blogosphere worth something on the open market?

Well, yes there is.

Andrew Sullivan - Estimated impressions per day - 600, Estimated cost per day: $9.00

Ok, so I’ve picked a prospective target. Just for my general knowledge, however, how does Andy stack up against other searches?

Bosom - Estimated impressions per day - 400 Estimated cost per day: $6.00
Breasts - Estimated impressions per day - 84,900 Estimated cost per day: $1,273.50
Tractor - Estimated impressions per day - 12,800 Estimated cost per day: $192.00
Scientology - Estimated impressions per day - 7,600 Estimated cost per day: $114.00

So, the only blogger worth anything on the open market ranks just ahead of bosoms, but way down below breasts, tractors, and scientology. So much for changing the world. Not gonna stop me from buying an ad though. I'm going to kidnap somebody's readers. It can't be Andy, since I suspect that A.) There's some out there who will do multiple searches on that name just to cost me money, and B.) There's a good chance that of those 600 impressions a day, 500 or so is Andy ego-surfing.

Update: My targets have been chosen. Soon, you will all kneel before Zod!

Posted by Bigwig at July 15, 2002 01:51 PM | TrackBack
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