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July 25, 2002

Blog Smells

So I wrote that Usenet smells like a comic book store, of sweat and anger and dried spooge. I don't think that. I think Usenet probably smells much, much worse. But I started to wonder. What do the other parts of the Internet smell like? Google? Vanilla Ice cream and licorice. AOL? Seventh inning stretch in the men's room at Yankee Stadium. Amazon? Home Depot.

And the blogs? Blog were easy, for some reason, those that I know. Some of the ones I've just started to visit, I'm not sure of the smell yet. If I left you out, sorry. I'll add blogs as I discover their odor. Also, I'm talking blog smell here, not blogger smell.

Meryl Yourish - White Linen, old paper and catbox

War Now! - Vegemite and a cold stein of best bitter

Coyote at the Dog Show - Black powder

Diaphanus - Cider and Cigarette smoke

The Unablogger - Astrolube

Empty Wishes - Roses, brie and exhaust fumes

Tres Producers - Caramelized pear and gorgonzola pizza

HokiePundit - Cannabis

Ravenwolf - Talcum powder, baby oil, and sweat

File13's Amish Tech Support - Breakfast: Banana bread and OJ

Ones and Zeros - Doritos, graph paper, and pencil shavings

TANSTAAFL - Moon rock

Warblogger Watch - Mimeographs, patchouli and ozone.

Rantburg - Cotton and Split Rails

Daily Pundit - English library: Shiny dark woods, leather chairs, and pipe smoke

RoverPundit - Pine air freshener and mud

Lileks - Lime Jello with whipped cream

Keep Trying - Sandalwood and Anxiety

Horologium - Electric train transformer, circa 1974.

Unsent Letters - Lilacs and ink

Raising Hell - Diapers

The Ben Files - Gumbo and Office Paper

Glen Frazier- Pastrami

Brilliant Corners - Primer and Developer

Harrumph! - Low Tide on the Bayou.

Flat Ass - Molson and Bridget Jones

Right Wing News - Tums

Profound Samurai - Green tea and cherry blossoms

Fragments from Floyd - Coffee brewing on the fire, the morning after the first night's rain on the Trail

Vodkapundit - Swimming pool chlorine and mesquite charcoal

Winds O'Change - Cookfires on the Grand Trunk Road

Public Nuisance - Cherry yogurt and gluteraldehyde

A Dog's Life - Collies in the sun. Specifically Lad, A Dog. and Lady.

Ranting Screeds - Tabasco and spittle

Instapundit - Sawdust, split beer, salted peanuts and cold hard gold.

Spleenville - Choler and blood

The Feces Flinging Monkey - Pretty much has to be angry chimp, don't you think?

WeckUpToThees! - Gunpowder and buffalo wings

Iberian Notes - Paella

Oceanguy - Challah and Salt

ColdFury - Olmstead Red in the upstairs cigar room

Midwest Conservative Journal - Corn and Lutefisk

Pop Culture Junk Mail - Strawberry Poptarts

WylieBlog - Pigskin and dust

A Small Victory - KFC original recipe - Prickly Pear Margaritas

Natalie Solent - Walker's Shortbread Biscuits.

The Rat's Nest - Sake and Cedar

Trojan Horseshoes - Barbeque

Not A Fish - Figs and sun-dried sheets.

Andrew Sullivan - Absinthe

Doubting Thomas - Hyssop and vinegar

Dr. Weevil - Pitch, Turpentine and Rosewater.

Society for the Preservation of Clue - New cut lumber

Punkey - Cabbage and Leather

Uncommon Sense - Chaps and Grass clippings - Glossy paper

Tarheel Pundit - Cider and a Lasagna in the cave at the Rat

La Blogatrice - Clove cigarettes and Snow

Brendan O'Neill - Fear

Update by request:
Poet and Peasant - a bag of non-pareils, ebony wood, and metal salts
Blogatelle - Trojans and kamikazes
Coyote Howling - Three in one oil, 3rd base fingers, and old cigarette butts.
A Voyage to Arcturus - Scorched dust and hot solder
Redwood Dragon - Grape juice and doggie beds.
Cornblog - Newly plowed dirt and asphalt
Bear's Cave - Microwave popcorn and an old polo work shirt

Now, if this pissed you off, don't take it too seriously, by the end it was so late I was guessing, and I mixed them up, so the ones at the bottom are not necessarily the ones I did last. Alternatively, if you really like your scent, it's because I spent a lot of time coming up with just the right combo, because I love you.

Posted by Bigwig at July 25, 2002 06:05 AM | TrackBack
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