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September 11, 2002

9/11 Comic Strip Reviews I'll

9/11 Comic Strip Reviews

I'll leave the surveys of the television and the blogosphere to those that are bigger and better at it to begin with and do the 9/11 themed comic strips. It's more my niche anyway, as if that weren't already glaringly obvious. I'll add to the list as I come across more, email me if you find one I've missed. I've always thought that reading the comic strips is a highly subjective experience; I've no other way to explain the continued existence of Cathy. So if I've dumped on one of your favorites, my apologies.

BTW, the dumbasses at King Features run their strips with a two-week delay, so they don't make the list. Out of those, I know that Dennis the Menace and The Family Circus ran 9/11 themed strips. They were about as bad as you would expect. It's too bad I can't link to Rhymes With Orange, though.

Kevin & Kell - Nicely done
User Friendly - Too sappy
Over The Hedge - Get back to the jokes
Jerk City - Do what you do best, or the terrorists win
The Boondocks - You tell 'em Grandpa
Preteena - Never heard of this strip, but that was kind of humorous
Gasoline Alley - When you can't think of anything, you can always try yanking on the heartstrings
Dick Tracy - When you can't think of anything, there's always the tiny little note of condolence. To be fair, the note is more or less what I expect to see in a serial comic
Annie - Note and heartstrings done unexpectedly well.
The Big Picture - I don't know the strip, but this doesn't feel well done
Pluggers - Filler
Grand Avenue - Filler
Real Life Adventures - Above average filler
Overboard - What to do when there's nothing to say
The Born Loser - Barely more than filler. The Born Loser is one of those strips that once your eye catches it, you read it, but you always wish you hadn't. It feels like a waste of time.
Rudy Park - That would be a nice tradition
Sheldon - Touching
Warped - Filler
Luann- Cleverly done, if you follow the strip.
Nancy - Possibly the worst filler yet.
Alley Oop - Typical serial comic note to the reader
The U.S. of Play - If it wasn't 9/11, you wouldn't know it was about 9/11. I think that makes it decent filler.
Raising Duncan - Meh.
Committed - I think he thinks I should be doing something else.
Trevor - Clever Trevor
Pearls before Swine - Decent tug on the heartstrings
Planet Earth and Other Tourist Traps - I know the feeling
Mudpie - Competing with B.C. for the lucrative Christian non-funny funnies market
Superosity - That's a lot of words for four little panels
Ozzy and Millie - Another meme pastiche, anti-war lyrics meet skyline meet couple watching sunset. It's a big canvas brain dump.
Everything Jake - I bet he had to go buy a new pencil
The Surburban Jungle - Filler
LookWhatIBroughtHome - Sticking with what they know best
Life's so Rad - Blurry Filler
Boxjam's Doodle - Good on you, Boxjam.
Fat Jesus Weird, but it made me laugh.
Mallard Fillmore - Aflac
Foxtrot - Blended in almost too well. I totally missed it the first time I saw it. Thanks, Oreta!.

Editorial Cartoons
Matt Davies - Extremely well done
Stuart Carlson - Arty
Paul Conrad - Reminds me of Herblock
Bill DeOre- Needs sound effects
Bruce Hammond - Animated. Nice and simple
Walt Handelsman - Lots of black ink in 9/11 editorial cartoons
David Horsey - Spot on
Dick Locher - Draws anger really well
Dick Marlette - Feels like an awkward pastiche to me
Glenn McCoy - Nice Vulture
Jack Ohman - WTF?
Joel Pett - The person I think hasn't learned anything is not the same person Joel thinks it is.
Steve Sack - Pretty. I don't know anything about art, but that looks like an excellent use of charcoal and pen to me.
Ben Sargent - His people always look like frogs to me.
Ann Telnaes- Preach it, sister.
Tom Toles - Kind of utopian for Tom
Randy Bish - Hope he didn't spend a lot of time on that
Mike Luckovich - Hope they're coming for me, next.
Henry Payne - Nicely executed skyline
Rob Rogers - "Ignore the coverage" seems to be a wide spread meme.
Jeff Stahler - But that doesn't mean that its execution can't be just as bad as some of the others.
Ed Stein - Oh, well done. Bravo!
Sean Delonas - Nice underground comix feel. Love the evil Bert.

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