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October 23, 2002

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen - The Latest from Bigwig

Somehow there was a screw-up with this. This post is from Bigwig and not Woundwort.

It'll be crowded tonight, assuming that this appears on Wednesday or Thursday. Not everyone is staying the entire week, but everyone will be here tonight. The house we're staying in claims to sleep 12 (It also has no heat or cable, so expect reports of mayhem if the weather turns cold and rainy.), but I imagine it will be seem kinda crowded by about 10:30 tonight, which is when the last 5 or 6 people get here from the Hatteras ferry.

We are;

1. A Secret Service agent whom I taught to eat ants when he was a kid, who refuses to tell us where he's been. All we know is that he was out of the country for something like 3 months prior to the trip. He's as much as told us that if anything .....interesting happens he won't be able to make the trip. Interesting!? Bastard. Incidentally, Secret Service agents have pretty cool business cards.

2. An oxymoronic Scotsman, in that he once lent me twenty dollars. He was going to fly down, but hasn't been able to get his pilot's license in time. Too bad, as we had planned on using him and his Piper Cherokee as a Fish Spotter.

3. A mild mannered high school english teacher, who in his salad days once broke a man's jaw with a single mighty blow, after seeing the guy hit his date. He will wear the same pair of cut off shorts the entire week, and does a little white guy jazzy headshake to music he likes after a 12-pack.

4. A mild mannered mortgage broker, who in his salad days survived totaling his motorcycle at 80 mph while out on a drug run.

5. A cop from Roanoke, VA., who has retired from police work in his late thirties to become an artist. I knew him back in the days of my high genius, when I didn't wash my clothes for weeks at a time. He and and a couple others took said clothes, enclosed them in a hefty bag and threw them in a pond. I happened upon them as they surveyed their handiwork, and asked what was going on.

"We're throwing rocks at the trash bag until it sinks." he said.

Well, that sounded like fun, so I joined right in. The bag sank, and I didn't notice my clothes were gone for three or four hours. The bag was 12 feet down by then, and weighed several hundred pounds.

I had to retaliate, so I moved the contents of his room to the roof of his house. Getting a bunk bed to balance on the peak of the house turnd out to be easier than I expected, though.

6. Kehaar, my brother, who dates only insane women. I suspect him of lurking in the dumpsters behind pharmacies, where he gets women's phone numbers from discarded lithium prescriptions. If he holds true to form, he will fall asleep sitting upright in his folding chair at the beach after four beers. We'll then take a picture of him and forget to develop it.

7. A man who married extemely well, and which allows him to pursue his chosen career as an assistant golf-course landscaper without have to deal with such niggling details as cashing a paycheck or having to show up for work. He once hit Kehaar on the forehead with a raw egg from a distance of about 100 yards. It was a thing of beauty.

8. A gourmet beer connoisseur, whom we expect great things out of in the area of supplying us with rare alcohols. Alcohols which we will be unable to appreciate after about 3 of them.

9. A knick-knack salesman (he prefers the term promotional items) who will call us lightweights as we collapse into bed at one in the morning, then pass out and keep everyone up all night listening to his collection of deviated septum noises.

10. A twenty-seven year old hippie who custom built all the hardware for one of our bigger regional ISP's....nine years ago. He's allergic to alcohol. Fair's fair! We will make him drive everywhere.

11. A man who works with propane and propane accessories, and whom has graced the cover of Fine Woodworking magazine.

12. I can't think of anything interesting about me that a regular reader wouldn't already know, and I can't think of why a casual reader would still be here.

Posted by Woundwort at October 23, 2002 03:49 PM | TrackBack
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