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December 05, 2002

Angry Muslims Go To Hell

Angry Muslims Go To Hell

I’ve had it. For a while now I have avoided writing in anger, sitting down in front of my trusty Dell when I am pissed off about something. I have stayed away, for weeks it seems, from blogging in-depth about Al Qaeda, the war on terrorism, and the hunt for bin Laden. It seems as if this World of Blog has been created by that very topic, similar to the way CNN was successful almost overnight once the Gulf War began, and each day there is an endless supply of blogs dedicated to the subject. Honestly, I get tired of it after a while. I tire of reading about war, the political side of life, the bombings and random killings that are taking place all over the world, as each of us types our feelings regarding the subject. I need to focus on things different from this on a daily basis.

As many of you have noticed, Bigwig is really the steam that keeps this ship rolling, and while I love to read my comrade’s writings, I tend to leave that side of things to him and his wonderful ability to put his thoughts into words. Me, I tend to spend more energy on things that make me laugh, or random pieces of information found in the vast world of the internet…….but not tonight.

While I am in NO way sympathetic to Al Qaeda, I have grown to push them out of my thoughts, honestly spending little time each day worrying about what they are up to, or what plot they may be planning deep inside their dusty caves. I really just want to live and let live. Sure, I would like them to "POOF" be destroyed, but more than that, I just want them to go away. I haven’t cared whether or not they lived, just wanted their killings to stop, which of course, they haven’t. Tonight, my attitude is vastly different. Tonight I want them all to die.

I was perusing the CNN website when I saw that yet another warning has been received from Al Qaeda, this one promising that Americans will receive their “gift this holiday season,” because we “haven’t learned our lesson yet.” Earlier today I might have thought, “I wish they would stop hating us so much,” while tonight I will say out loud, “I hope you motherfuckers die.”

I’ve reached that point, a point that many of you may have reached much sooner. To the fundamental Islamists, who cloak themselves in an armor of “religious duty”, FUCK YOU. I am tired of your stupid ass threats, hoping that we will live in fear at what you might do next. Maybe Bush should start faxing things to the news network Al-Jazeera and tell them that we are going to hunt down all radical Islamists and start killing them in the streets for no reason other than we disagree with the ways they live their lives (by the way, can’t we trace where those transmissions are coming from? I can by something that will zap telemarketers from calling me, but there isn’t something from Radio Shack that could easily find out where the faxes are being sent from?).

But you know why he doesn’t do that, other than the fact that he might not be able to spell all of those big words correctly? Because we are not animals and you are. FUCK YOU for taking your religion and using it to fit your needs. Well, in that case, my Bible says, “An eye for an eye,” and my translation of that is, “Kill all radical Islamists because you can.” It says so in black in white. Surely that is what God intended for me to do because that is what He says in the Bible, and I’m sure my Bible can’t be wrong.

FUCK YOU for killing innocent mothers, fathers, children, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and significant others in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. FUCK YOU for putting a dark cloud forever on our calendars in the month of September. FUCK YOU for making our leaders send young people off to fight this war, and FUCK YOU for making my children have to grow up in a world where they have to worry about people wearing towels on their heads and who want them to die because they were born in this country. Is this offending someone? Then FUCK YOU too. Don’t bother leaving me comments about how insensitive I am, or how I am offending a large group of people who are being discriminated against because of a minority of them who have these fundamentalist beliefs. I am not targeting them, I am targeting those who are excited about causing us harm. If you don’t have these beliefs then don’t allow yourselves to be offended. If you do have those beliefs then I am not too worried about how this is coming across to you.

I held out for a year and two months, but I can’t hold out any longer. I fought the urge to send our people to war to kill others who disagree with us, but no more. A couple of years ago, when it was just me, I didn’t worry about these things so much, but tonight, thinking about my children and their safety, I am seeing red. I am tired of the warnings, and tired of the threats. Tonight I feel like going to the busiest mall, a crowded sporting event, or for a ride on a train. I feel like doing all the things they told me not to do, similar to the way I wanted to go drive my car during ice storms in the past when my parents told me that I shouldn’t do it.

Do I hate Islam? Do I hate those who follow the religion? Do I wish that we could annihilate that belief system from the face of the Earth? Of course not, but I do wish that people could have a belief in something bigger than themselves that would encourage them to do good in the world instead of constantly wanting to blow shit up. My religious beliefs are liberal, perhaps some would say too liberal, but I am of the belief that we should respect our differences and learn from each others’ beliefs instead of killing those with whom we disagree……..but tonight that belief is being tested.

Perhaps tomorrow I will feel differently……..I pray I do. But tonight it isn’t pretty. I want my family, my children and my friends to be safe. Nothing more, nothing less. How can you look at my children and want to hurt them? To those of you who respect others, believe in the good of mankind, and view differences as strengths instead of weaknesses, I apologize. To those of you who wish to do my family and friends harm………FUCK YOU.

Posted by Woundwort at December 5, 2002 11:14 PM | TrackBack
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