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March 19, 2003

Back to the Basics Ok,

Back to the Basics

Ok, I'm done. I hope I've left you enough reading.

Johnnie, get your gun, we're going over there.

Ithaca College coeds, ripe for terror sex.

Nice pic of the USS Curtis Wilber.

More photo comparison on the Corrie death, and a list of the differing accounts of what happened.

CNN - Well, he's not dead yet. You know that as well as me, I would think. Unless that's a double, or he's prerecorded that speech once for each day of the month. References to Jihad and Palestine, so he's trying to whip up the arab street.

Iraq's 51st mechanised division and the 11th infantry, "set to surrender"?

USS Donald Cook, launching Tomahawks

Slate has a live report from Baghdad.
At exactly 4:31 a.m., I saw the first strike. An oil refinery on the banks of the River Tigris blew up, throwing up huge flames that have since turned to pillars of smoke. The oil refinery, which looks destroyed, is about 1 kilometer from the hotel where I'm staying.
The Iraqi government has started turning on the 200-odd foreign journalists who remain here. German and Austrian TV crews were expelled yesterday, and a number of people, including Russian reporters, have been arrested for illegal use of satellite phones.

1000 members of the N.C. basaed 82nd airborne are rading villages in Afghanistan, looking for al-Qaida .

MSNBC - Brian Williams is hiccuping like mad

Dick Cheney called South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun specifically to tell him that war was breaking out. Are we expecting something?
Update: Yes. South Korea elevates alert against North Korea amid war in Iraq

CNN 11:48 pm - Ground forces "the huge land armada" not to move for at least the next 12 hours. Armada? Not a particulary apt choice of term. And, if they do hold for 12 or more hours, not like Panama at all.

A little song

Airplanes we have heard on high.
Bombs are falling from the sky!
Look! there drops one overhead.
Pray it lands in Saddam's bed.

The FBI asks that state and local law enforcement agencies watch for suspicious activity by Iraqi diplomatic vehicles, which are apparently free to roam the country at will.

Baghdad is leaking people. Also, nice explosion pic

Asian Muslims wake up, find urine on cornflakes.

A list of others blogging now, over at Vodkapundit.

CNN - Iraqi TV is saying that Sadaam will address the Iraqi people soon. That's right, give us another shot at him.

Another satisfied buyer of the First Iraq, Then France bumper sticker.

One target in Baghdad hit "three to four times"

William Saletan is not doing a very good job at blogging the war, if you ask me. I may stop checking him in another couple of hours.

Iraqi Kurdish militia fighters stand guard as they listen to the radio during the last moment of the President Bush.

MSNBC - Saddam Hussein was the target of the cruise missile attack. F117 dropping a Bunker Buster. Be dead. Be dead. Be dead. Be dead. Be dead.

Photo of surrendering Iraqis.

Raed - there is still nothing happening im baghdad we can only hear distant expolsions and there still is no all clear siren. someone in the BBC said that the state radio has been overtaken by US broadcast, that didn't happen the 3 state broadcasters still operate. So this article is wrong, apparently

More than one "target of opportunity" was attacked, reports CNN. Sounds like very refined command and control strikes.
MSNBC - British military officials were "stunned" at the action.
Caveat: Much of what we will hear today will be wrong.

Columbia's Destruction May Be Tied to Mystery Object
IMHO: Too much junk in space made them dismiss information that could have saved the crew.

Star Dies in Giant Gamma Ray Burst

Raed in Baghdad is still connected. Yes, I've gone to the Robot Wisdom blogstyle for a while. Much more into an information gathering mode than is my normal habit. Regular functioning will resume soon, I hope.

N.Korea fires surface-to-ship cruise missile

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